You sing a song, the face of everybody with a smile

The title of this page quato from a song title of MISHIO OGAWA.

I'm looking forward to hearing a new album from MISHIO.

Mishio Ogawa UZUMAKIMAZU debut album "UCHUJIN"

17, Sep.,2006
LIVE Photograph at "UMIKAJI"

There are found various kind of music in the world.
A kind of music makes me merry with dancing.
Another kind music makes me feeling painful.
And a music makes me singing.
Music of Mishio Ogawa give to me a sense of well-being.
These music is very a few look over in the world now.
A musician making these music is invaluable.
I'm most grateful to Mishio and her pleasant company.
I'm looking forward to giving a happiness music from Mishio.


Solo albums of mishio will be re-released on 27,April 2005 from King records 
4 to 3   Ureshii no moto and Lemon no tsuki

Mishio new song "Benten System" are include on the omnibus album
2004,Mar.24 on sale!

Teenage Symphony
Younger Than Yesterday and Today(
MUCT-1008 \2,415)

CD albums of Wha-ha-ha including bonus tracks were reissue 
from Absord Music Japan on 26, Sep 2003.

CD albums of Chakra and first solo album of Mishio were re-released on 24, July 2002.
These CD contains bonus tracks.

CHAKURA  Absord Music Japan-ABCS28

SATEKOSO  Absord Music Japan-ABCS29

NANYO DE YOISHO  Absord Music Japan-ABCS30

OGAWA MISHIO + 2  Absord Music Japan-ABCS31

J-Standard 3

Include of "Fukunotane"


the discograph of CHAKRA
mishio is the member of the chakura
the chakura is strange rock band


the discograph of WHA-HA-HA
mishio is member of wha-ha-ha
wha-ha-ha is a strange jazz band

solo debut

the discograph of early stage of mishio

around HANIWA

the discograph of Haniwa
the HANIWA is unique group
Mr Kiyohiko Senba is the centor of the group
the musical style is pops, jazz, and japanese traditional
mishio joined haniwa as vocalist
as well as song and word writer

Solo, secound stage

Secret Book


Radio club  7 July 2002

The name of Ogawa Mishio

kanji (chinese character) of Ogawa Mishio
Ogawa is a little river and Mishio is the beautiful tide

 Mishio Cheering BBS

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