Are you a Monky?
Have you ever felt I'm Monky?
Are you living evryday as the human imitate?
This URL is a Network for the Monky.

Sarvana have a sence of the Monky's Nirvana.

Should be the Monky's identity!
Do you understand?
My opinion is incomprehensible.
I'm not quite understand myself.
Because my english is poor and "I'm a Monky".

Sarvana Network A message to the Monky or the human imitate.
Promissing..... The page about one of the great singer of Japan, Mishio Ogawa.
Monky Qupid The Page by a MIDI Musician of a Monky
Akisy's Profile Personal imformation of Akisy.
Information Histry of Sarvana Network and Akisy's Page

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The demands

This page has some text, photograph and MIDI datas. The copyright holder is akisy.
When these datas acompanied by copyright holder, Akisy permit the distribution to another site
of the text and the MIDI Datas written by akisy .
All photograph can not distribute.
And the link to this site is free.

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I wait a suggestion, a complaint, words of encouragement and abuse.