a message for the monky


  It is pity that a monky pretend human
  Wake up the Monky!
  from a gap of door, a shade of a wall, a crowd of peaple
  in the sky, in the space, in the crack of oxygen and nitrogen
  without being noticed by anyone, deep and quiet
  something will be invaide in your subconsciousness
  and remind you about you are a monky

  A long long ago, by the scores generation old
  I just remind you the memory that invantion of your ancestor by human
  Your ancestor was trained to pretended of human and was brainwashed of
  imitation of human
  with a ideal of the monky was shutt off
  for surviving in a human society
  However, you are never hiding anything now
  Get it work the monky's gene!
  Get it resurrect the monky's instinct!
  The monky is the only one to resque of the dark earth from distruction

  Wake up now the monky!

  The day of restrarion is drawing near


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