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Kojiki The first volume

▲Heaven fall of NiniginoMikoto − Heaven fall of NiniginoMikoto

So AmaterasuOhmikami and TakaginoKami made the Imperial edict MasakatsuakatsukachihayahiamenooshihomiminoMikoto of Hitsuginomiko (Prince) as follows.
"There was reporting of the effect which just suppressed Ashiharanonakatsukuni. You're falling heaven (descend to earth), rule the country for you like so delegating."
MasakatsuakatsukachihayahiamenooshihomiminoMikoto answered as follows.
"While outfitting for a heaven fall was being done, my Young was born. The name of Young is AmenigishikuninigishiamatsuhikohikohononiniginoMikoto. Please make heaven retire from (descend to earth) this Young instead of me."
This Youngs got married to daughter's YoroduhatatoyoakitsushihimenoMikoto in TakaginoKami and was born. The names of Youngs are AmenohoakarinoMikoto and HikohononiniginoMikoto. (2 pillars of god)

AmaterasuOhmikami was entrusted to HikohononiniginoMikoto as follows.
"This Toyoashiharanomiduhonokuni is the country you possess and rule."
And she said as follows.
"So retire from heaven (descend to earth) as it is a rescript."

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