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Kojiki The first volume

▲Territory dedication of OhkuninushinoKami − Territory dedication of OhkuninushinoKami

In this way, TakemikaduchinoKami returned again, came and interrogated OhkuninushinoKami as follows.
"Your Youngs (KotoshgironushinoKami and TakeminakatanoKami) said that they didn't disobey will of Young of AmatsuKami. Now, how about your will?"

OhkuninushinoKami answered as follows.
"I don't disobey, either, so that gods of two pillars of my Youngs may say. This Ashiharanonakatsukuni is offered like your will.
But, Young of AmatsuKamni succeed, and do my address like possessed wonderful housing, please. A pillar of a palace is built for the nature of the rock certainly. Chigi is given and made highly to Takamanohara. When doing this, I hide to a far place in the corner and wait, and it exists.
In addition, my much Youngs(MomoyasoKami) will not betray it if YahekotoshironushinoKami commands it and serves it.
(OhkuninushinoKami said this, and hid.)

In this way, a wonderful Shinto shrine was made TagishinoWobama in Idumonokuni. Grandchild's KushiyatamanoKami in MinatonoKami became a cook. When submitting a dish, he said a word of a blessings. KushiyatamanoKami changes into a cormorant, enters the bottom of the sea, holds submarine Hana (clay) in its mouth and has come. An earthen vessel for very flat festivals was made with clay. A stem of a seaweed was cut and a firing with flint and steel mortar was made. A firing with flint and steel mallet was made with a stem of a seaweed. That added the fire, blessed as follows and said.
"For a long time new shrine's wonderful soot of KamimusubinoMioyanoMikoto hangs down in Takamanohara purpose the fire I added bakes it up. Its fire even bakes bedrock in the depths of the earth. A fisherman fishes big sea bass by long Takunaha (paper mulberry). A lot of fish unload. Those are heaped up so that the level of the draining board may bend. We'll present such wonderful fish dish."

And TakemikaduchinoKami returned to Takamanohara and went up. He made Ashiharanonakatsukuni submit to AmaterasuOhmikami, and reported the suppressed effect.

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