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Kojiki The first volume

▲Toyoashiharanochiakinonagaihoakinomiduhonokuni − Toyoashiharanochiakinonagaihoakinomiduhonokuni

AmaterasuOhmikami said as follows.
"It is a country that MasakatsuakatsukachihayabiAmenooshihomiminoMikoto of my Young possesses Toyoashiharanochiakinonagaihoakinomiduhonokuni and rules."
Thus Ohmikami entrusted government of Miduhonokuni to AmenooshihomiminoMikoto. Ohmikami made him descend from Takamanohara. He stood on Amenoukihashi and said as follows.
"It is very upset in Toyoashiharanochiakinonagaihoakinomiduhonokuni. I hear its tone."
He returned to Takamanohara and reported it to Ohmikami.

YahoyorodunoKami was collected in Amenoyasunokahara by an order of TakamimusubinoKami and AmaterasuOhmikami by such thing. Ohmikami made OmohikanenoKami think. Ohmikami said as follows.
"I entrusted my Young with the rule of Ashiharanonakatsukuni. By the way, which god should I dispatch in this country because it is thought that there are a lot of intense, violent KunitsuKami?"
OmohikanenoKami and YahoyorodunoKami consulted. They submitted a report as follows.
"It'll dispatch AmenohohinoKami."
Therefore AmenohohinoKami was dispatched. But even if it passed for 3 years, he didn't report. Because he was flattering OhkuninushinoKami.

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