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Kojiki The first volume

▲SukunabikonanoKami − SukunabikonanoKami

When OhkuninushinoKami went on Ohnomisaki in Idumo, A god gets on Amenokagaminofune (The ship which broke a vine yam (metaplexis japonica)) along a wave crest and has come. Its god wore the kimono which peeled skin of a moth (firefly).
OhkuninushinoKami asked the name of the god, but he didn't answer.
OhkuninushinoKami questioned gods who follow about him. They said everyone as follows.
"I don't know."
But, Tanikugu (toad) said as follows.
"Kuebiko knows this."
Immediately, OhkuninushinoKami called and asked Kuebiko.
Kuebiko said as follows.
"This god is SukunabikonanoKami of Young of KamimusubinoKami."

So OhkuninushinoKami said to KamimusubinoMioyanoMikoto.
MioyanoMikotoi said as follows.
"This god is my Young really. Among Young, this Young are Young which came out between the finger of a hand. When therefore it'll be AshiharashikowonoMikoto and the brother which are you, and the country is made and rather firm."
By the thing, gods of 2 pillars of Ohnamudi (OhkuninushinoKami) and Sukunabikona cooperate each other, and this country is made, rather firm.
After that SukunabikonanoKami migrated to Tokoyonokuni (parallel universe beyond the sea).

Now, Kuebiko which said SukunabikonanoKami says Yamadanosohodo now. It isn't possible to walk, but this god knows the world completely.

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