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Kojiki The first volume

▲SukunabikonanoKami − SukunabikonanoKami

△The god of Mimoroyama.
Now, OhkuninushinoKami said while being perplexed.
"By oneself, how can I make this country? What kind of God do I cooperate with, and would I be able to take part in nation building?"
At the same time, a god who is illuminating a sea and is approaching was here. Its god said as follows.
"When you will deify my spirit tightly, I'll cooperate with you and complete this nation building. If it isn't so, success would be difficult for your nation building."
So OhkuninushinoKami said as follows.
"How should I deify to say so?"
"To cleanse yourself, deify me on the eastern mountain where line up like a blue fence of Yamatonokuni."
This god is the god enshrined on Mimoroyama.

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