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Kojiki The first volume

▲Dividing and governing by Three precious children − 天照大御神・月読命・須佐之男命(三貴子)の分治

△Dividing and governing by Three precious children (AmaterasuOhmikami, TsukuyominoMikoto and SusanowonoMikoto)
Successively next when IzanaginoOhmikami washed the left eye, AmaterasuOhmikami was born.
Next when he washed the right eye, TsukuyominoMikoto was born.
Next when he washed a nose, TakehayasusanowonoMikoto was born.
When he laved a body, the god of 14 pillars from the above and YasojagatsuhinoKami to HayasusanowonoMikoto was born.

At this time, IzanaginoMikoto said as follows with pleasure very much.
"I bore a lot of children. I got Mihashiranoudunomiko (three precious children) at the end."
Immediately, he gave AmaterasuOhmikami while shaking a jewel of a necklace flickeringly. He said.
"You rule Takamanohara."
He entrusted to her. The name of the jewel hung on a neck is MikuratananoKami.
Next he said to TsukuyominoMikoro.
"You rule Yorunowosukuni (the world at night)."
He entrusted to him.
Next he said to TakehayasusanowonoMikoto.
"You rule the ocean."
He entrusted to him.

So, young gods were ruling as it was delegated respectively.
But HayasusanowonoMikoto didn't rule the country commanded from IzanaginoOhmikami.
He was crying until a long mustache developed in a breast.
The state with which he cries cried until a blue mountain withered up. A river and a sea were dried completely.
Therefore, the sound that bad god made was pervasive so that a fly made noise. The evil of every thing was all caused.
So IzanaginoOhmikami said to HayasusanowonoMikoto.
"It is why, and you cry out without ruling the country where I gave an order."
SusanowonoMikoto said as follows.
"I'd like to go to mother's national Nenokatasukuni (the nether world), so I'm crying."
Very angrily, IzanaginoOhmikami where that was heard said as follows.
"Then, you aren't supposed to live in this country."
IzanaginoOhmikami expelled SusanowonoMikoto immediately.

IzanaginoOhmikami is enshrined in the shrine of Taga of Afumi.

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