The Destruction of Sword and Helm

  Most of Koroltes and Orgovaltes Nobles and Thanes gathered in the domain
of Stravuli, but both sides counted same number and showed very hostile
attitude to each other, but they also feared another battle, they already had
enough battlefields and was tired of bloodshed even most warlike berserks.
And they could see hope in Heort and waited his arrival. Kings would never
admit the right of each other for that regalia, and expected something. King
Venef of Bereneth silently arrived there as a friend of Andrin and an observer of the
moot and ritual.

  All of participants of the Moot fell silent when Heort came there with the
golden shining Lawstaff of Jarani, most of them heard about the success of
his quest, and Heort shouted loudly in front of them,

 "Start the moot."

 King Garnath asked him,

 "What lets you speak so loudly? I admit you brought the true lawstaff of
Jarani, but I cannot admit which will beat the loser of this matter as
Orlanth once ruined Harandings, because Orlanth himself is dragged into a
trouble in the Underworld, and he cannot afford to intervene us."

 Heort shrugged and said,

 "I don't think he cannot beat any of us, but I don't want to force you to
think so, Hengall taught me Great Change which will be come after us,
and in that World, God won't beat us if we don't want to be."

 King Griseld opposed him,

 "If you depend on the matter of power, I can beat any of you, but I'm no
Emperor. And I am loyal to Orlanth, but if you think the Law without Power
can convince a fool to discover the justice, you are another fool, too."

 Heort replied,

 "Orlanth taught us how to act against Evil, and he said, "No one can make
us do anything." But I can add this statement, he is just because he is wise
and has secret knowledge how to find the truth. Truth is important in the
coming future, for we can see only by this way, the rule of Orlanth and
Gods, and it will be greater than any of your weapon, or we must bring such
a world."

 And Heort turned to Andrin and the Staff which he held.

 Heort ordered every relevants to stand appropriate places as once Jarani
and Harand did before Orlanth, but Andrin held the middle of the Staff,
Heort asked two Kings to hand the Sword and the Helm to him, then, Heort set
them as if they were other participants of the ritual and went to the side
of his tribe, Garnath, and the tip of Lawstaff which Griseld held heatup
soon, Griseld dropped his tip and shouted,

 "This is a trick!"

 Heort stopped him before Griseld moved and he changed his side to the
Orgovaltes by that turn, soon the tip of Garnath held heating up and he
could not hold anymore. Garnath growled,

 "What's the meaning?"

 Heort stopped both of enraged Kings, and at that turn, Heort held one of
the tip of the Staff, though he didn't have almost any supporters, except
some wise observers, like King of Berenethtelli, offered his help, Heort
declined politely and held out another tip. Immediately all of participants
saw the tip shined and heated up. And all of participants knew Orlanth
blessed Heort by that way.

 "Do you want these regalia? But these are possession of Kodigvari, you
don't have any right to possess them!" Garnath showed the Curse which hid in
his courtesy.

 Heort nodded and said,

 "Before we conclude the moot, I call on Three, who didn't come here
voluntarily, from Women tribe, and who lurk in the Shadow, and the Shadow

 Firstly, the Queen of Esrolia who was married with Griseld appeared from
the shadow, and secondly, in another shadow the participants felt the existence of
Disfigured Existence, which held monstrous wings, all of them feared by the
cold wind from it, but were amazed by the force of Heort's Magic.

  The two supporters, both the Hidden King and Esrolvuli Queen declined
their need to the Vingkotling regalia, because neither of them expected
such a great power brought them there but both of them were reluctant to
intervene the matter of Heortling. Many of participants saw that was not an
affair of all of heortling, and then began to stop involving this matter. Heort

 "I also have a right to possess them for my wife was also
the daughter of a King of Kodigvari,
though I don't want these cursed weapons, I can see what will
come, but now I try to stop the doom to each tribes as far as I can, as
Orlanth taught us. I want to destroy them as Once Orlanth destroyed the
throne of Tyranny over the Hill of Victory. We can be one without them."

 And everyone of the participants except two kings then could see the Curse
cast upon them clearly, eventually most of participants joined to the side
of Heort and abandoned two Kings.

 "You tricked us!" Griseld shouted.

 "I tried to trick you because we can now over the Great Cataclysm, and I
want to help you both of them from your ruin, perhaps you don't believe it,
I don't want to get these regalia though I admit I can be another claimant
because we cannot share these two by three and I think these regalia already
lost their role in the Great Darkness "

 But they didn't relent, and Heort sorrowfully looked at them but suggested
them to put the Sword and the Helm in the Temple of Orlanth and to wait an omen.
Neither of them couldn't decline his request. And Heort warned all
of participants to wait what will be occur.

 By that night, each kings stole in there and found each other, both of them
fought by themselves without any supporters, that was what Heort could do
 Garnath was fatally wounded by that strike because the Sword cut down his
Helm, but Grideld also got fatal wound because that brow broke his Sword and
the Sword broken half was spattered and stung deep to his body. They died
after Heort's Ring found them and three days passed. Both of them admitted
Heort was wise and sacred before death.

Andrin stated in awe.
 "Orlanth can judge us even though he is in the underworld."

 Everyone was shocked by that event except one, and Heort stopped them and
told them that he hadn't called one more witness. He turned toward his birthplace Grizzly
Peak and called on his name. Though Vingkot fought by the side of his father
at that time, his shadow took apart from him and was summoned by Heort's

 Heort called upon the Shadow of Vingkot, and showed Vingkotling about Kodig
was too small to wield Vingkot's weapon as Andrin taught him. Andrin taught
them, in fact Gustbran created the copy of Vingkot's Sword and Helm, that
was melted
down in the fight against Chaos Man, everyone of that place finally
understood and admitted the greatness of Heort.

 Heort said,
 "I am no Vingkot though I also hold his blood, his weapon and shield are
too heavy for me, for he was the son of Orlanth himself, I have right to the
throne, but I now want to the proof of it, by my wisdom, not by strength."

 King Venef stated,
 "I'll admit you if you can make a peace to other races and ancient rivals
of Vingkotling. And anyway, I am now your friend no matter you will succeed
or not." And they exchanged rings of friendship.

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