Enthronement of Highking

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Enthronement of Highking

 It was ironic that the last Vingkotling clan which had mistaken their great
hope dead was Winter Deers of Koroltes, Heort's own clan, but it is the
characteristic of humanity, rather to delve into the bitter world
entanglement than to see the plain beauty and joy of fact, anyway, Heort's
trickster, Hastur the Liemaker then took control the all Koroltes during
Heort's journey as a chieftain.

 For Heort's clanmates and even himself didn't notice him as a trickster
whose ancestor was touched with Eurmal, and Winter Deers loved Heort so
great, and didn't want to disappoint themselves two times by hollow hope,
and Heort and Ivarne moved his kingdom in the form of air which he conquered
during his journey.

@No Wind
 Though most of Gods already gathered in the Hall of Silence before
Cataclysm, Heort also achieved greet deed worth to gain Immortality just
before Cosmic Compromise. In the Hidden Temple of Ancient Wind, Ivarne led
Heort to Inner Chamber and saw Six beautiful Jewelry Orbs glittered there.
Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Grey and White.

 Heort noticed these were Six Virtues of Orlanth which was left by him when
he last visited there, he asked to Ivarne how he could use them and brought
them to the Great God. Heort embraced Ivarne and made the ring whole again,
Hidden Wind encircled the couple and transformed into Wind. And the secret
tornado slipped into Land of Death. Jewels surrounded Heort in the formation
of Orlanth's Ring.

  Lower Wind
 Horrible Wind found Heort and blew him again, but Heort resisted it for
already he knew its secret, and Zoran Zubar was calmed under the will of
Heort and guided him to the Court of Silence.

 After Orlanth passed the trial of the Bath of Hatred, the Bath of Truth
still waited Orlanth, Heort managed to slip into the Court again just before
the Trial started. Six Stars glowed on the side of Heort, but Chalana Arroy
stopped him movement and asked him to guard the side of Orlanth where gods
could not see. Six Jewels led him to the Base of the magical bathes.

 As Chalana expected, Evil Trolls secretly tried to cheat and alter the Bath
of Truth into Bath of Lie by mingling some water of Styx to that poisonous
water, but Heort immediately noticed it and killed them by Lower Wind, so
Orlanth could succeed Last Testament. Orlanth rose up from the Bath and
showed his recovered body to the Gods. Even his Worst Enemies could not help
cheering his success.

 Humakt tried to keep the couple to Underworld as members Storm Tribe, but
Chalana Arroy persuaded Humakt against his Will for Heort proved to have
still his works in the Middle World by showing his Courage. Humakt made
Heort promise to come later and shut the Door behind him before Orlanth
would triumph. Chalana threw the couple from the Well of Wisdom to Upper

 When the trickster saw the spark of Divinity at the Obsidian Palace, Hastur
lied to his Clanmates and Friends that Orlanth raped Angdartha in the
Underworld again, and his people still trusted him. Only most wise people in
Stravuli obscurely understood what had occurred. And Andrin and Bevara went
to the Foot of Kero Fin.


  Upper Wind
 From South, Heort and Ivarne invisibly came to the Mother of Orlanth, when
they began to climb, Star Sprinkler showered blessing over Ivarne, and Upper
Wind carried them like feathers to the Top where Two Gods waited.

  Heort showed Elmal how Six Orlanth's Virtues then guarded him, and told
about the secret of chained Umath, at the end of the World. Heort pointed
out where was Stormgate, and Orlanth's Virtues and Trophies would appear and
would triumph their victory each of Yelm's death. Elmal smiled and then
stood up, though he was still wounded. Elmal saw whole of the World with his
far-seeing eyes over Kero Fin and easily found the Armband. though he could
not leave there, Vinga spoke she would go with Heort.

 The Queen of Night smiled to him, admitted his honor and gave him a message
to her grandson, Ezkankekko. Heort smiled to her and admitted. Xentha gave
him a black onyx, as a proof of their communication.

 Vinga caught the Valarastans Armband only by her three steps and picked up
it by the head of her spear, because she didn't want impurity. But Heort
accept it and Vinga went back to the Foot of Kero Fin, Bevara and Andrin
waited the couple. Vinga went to the Edge of World where still another good
orlanthi waited her help.

 When the trickster saw the Nightwomen whispered to whole air of Kerofinela,
Hastur lied to his Clanmates and Friends that Xentha fought Elmal over the
Kero Fin and Elmal managed to drive back her, and his people still trusted
him. Only Stravuli gradually understood what had occurred when Heort and
Ivarne appeared before them, many of them wanted to go with the couple, but
Heort didn't accept them except Andrin and Bevara.


  West Wind
 When they came to South as a whirlwind, Logic Wind welcomed them and asked
some questions about Lawsuit, Andrin answered all of them correctly and West
Wind submitted to Heort's authority.

 Though they had the Armband and then knew Valarastans treachery, Heort
wanted to certain proof which could be revealed to Valarastans Vingkotling
followers, Only Andrin knew how to use the Valarastans' Armband, its one
face formed corrupted sigil of nomad cuneiform while another side had
Valarastans' own tattoo shape, and Valarastans used it for sign of treaty to
his unholy bond to horsespawn. Andrin and Heort plotted to use it against

 Andrin made some clay tablets as Horsespawns frequently used for recording
at his contemporary, he carved it as the invitation to the Chieftain of
horsespawn to the clan boundary, and to King Valarastans, Andrin convinced
Bevara to pretend her favor to the King, though she firstly disgusted such
trick, but eventually she used Liornvuli Tribemates to invite Valarastans,
for the wedding match.

 Where was those Horsenomads come from? Nobody knows. Some say Bereneth and
Ulanin were their lineage, but others denied it because those two later
became noblest Kings of Vingkotling, the horsespawns shamelessly and
ignorantly believed their blood of horse and never accepted our way. And
Western Winter Tribes always suffered their treacherous and vicious constant

 The brutal King of Jenarong Horsespawn, Angidathela didn't have any
friends, except his thralls. Valarastans swore fealty to that savage King
and offered him the Two Vingkotling tribes, Liornvuli and Vestantes as a
proof of his wretched loyalty. Though his clanmen died outside of his
gorgeous Stead, he wanted more thralls who he could exploit. And the Two
tribes ignorantly trusted the King's promise of his effort to stopping
constant raids of Jenarongi, though in fact, he wanted to keep them slaves
of his own by exploiting Horsespawns.

 While Bevara, Liornvuli, and Vestantes held a great feast and treated
warmly Talastar ambassadors and housecarls as Orlanth did for foreign guests
in Kaurionaran. While Ivarne went to meet her friend, Speaking Wheel the
chieftain of Golden Wheel Dancer, whose race nearly perished at that time.
She befriended him while she dreamed the long spiritual journey, And he was
an enthusiastic admirer of Ivarne's Song and music for his race was very
fond of music, and very knowledgeable to the way of the all Fire tribe.
Speaking Wheel traveled to the Horse King Angidathela's stead, and the
tablet which indicated the feast where the Kings of two Vingkotling tribe
would present.

 Angidathela mustered fyrd and went to the land for he thought he could raid
them defenselessly and if he had a chance, he could took hostages the two
and took many tribute from them. But Heort plotted to counter him and
gathered warriors of his enthusiastic supporters and hid his elite warriors
just outside of the feasting. Heort surprised the horsespawns as they
usually had done to two tribes by that turn. Heort called on all of warriors
who also participated in the feast.

 the Nomad King was astonished by the presence of the Talastari King
Valarastans in the battle field for he didn't admit him to appear in the
same air, but they firstly pretended they didn't know each other and sensed
the trick of someone..but as the warriors of Heort tried to lead Talastari
between the hammer and the anvil, the two realized what occurred them, and
though he could still abandon his false way and reform himself at that time,
Valarastans attacked Liornvuli, so finally they realized they were deceived.

 After long and hard combat, Vingkotling managed to drive all talastari and
horsespawns off to their filthy homeland, Andrin shoutly asked to

"Why can you let yourself keep that position? Begone."

and he showed the armband to King Valarastans, so Talastari retreated from
there with Horse Nomads and Heort took the leading role.

(Of course Talastaring transmits different tales about that incident. They
still believe Heort was the man who betrayed them to Pelorian Warlords.)
 Both Liornvuli and Vestantes pleaded their fealty to Heort and promised to
participate in his Kingdom if you could gather enough Vingkotling survivors,
for Heort showed Piety to the Storm Lord by showing the true way of
Stormchildren to Talastari.

  When the trickster heard about the successful counter by Heort and his
companions, Hastur lied to his Clanmates and Friends that horsespawns and
Valarastans were estranged while they contested the favor of Bevara, and his
people still trusted him. But even in Koroltes some didn't believe it and
gradually understood what had occured while invisible air passed through
from west to east, many of them wanted to go with the couple, but Heort
didn't accept them because he still wanted to keep their working secret.


  East Wind
 Spirit Wind didn't bother the secret journeyers for it could see Heort and
Bevara in their party. It followed them for a while and drove Bad Spirits
and Insects on their way.

 Inhumanking, Heart of Weakness was an extraordinary dragonewt as his
successor, Sibilant Tongue of Ouroboros, though we do never know why. The
Dragonet helped the survived other race by breaking his restriction not to
fight against Chaos, even it would destroy them, Heart of Weakness had
watched his essence while all Great Darkness passed, and he understood what
he needed for his spiritual transcendence by admitting his nature, Heart of
Weakness, so he forced Entanglement to his people for him, and his subjects
obeyed to his command for his weakness.

 Anyway, while Heort's Wind crossed the Dragonewts Way, Drolgard saw what
will occur to her if he might succeed in his Quest, and she regretted what
she did to Heortling Highkings and Hidden Kings, so she pleaded before the
Inhuman King.

 The Race of ? greatly bothered both Trolls and Eastern Heortling, as they
refused both the offer of Waha and Lineage through Vingkot and Tada, they
were hunted down by the Nomads who ate their cousins before they won the
contest. But they didn't stopped abusing their strange magic to annoy the
other race by Nightmare while they were hunted down.

 As Bevara taught the route, Heort offered the race to the way to Fertile
and Non-occupied, many doubted their intention, but finally Heort convinced
them to go with him if he and his companions would accompany with them as
hostages. They went through the secret Pass of Gonn Orta to Elder Wild,
People of ? Wasteland eventually realized what Heort offered to them, and
they were so pleased that they would plead to Heort eternal friendship, and
promised him to talk good for him to their friends in the new land. But
Heort asked them only to please after they would accustom themselves in the
new environment, and he departed.

 (But later, the Council of New Races founded in Elder World and joined to
the World Council of Friends, they talked well about the memory of Heort the

 Heort taught Cragspider what he did for her domain, and asked her help in
return, but Cragspider firstly denied the importance of his Deed though she
could not find the Pass, and tried to drive him. But Dragonewts knocked the
Gate of Cliffhome at the same time and intervened, Inhumanking, Heart of
Weakness taught Cragspider his Dream-Prophecy. "I saw Great War, and you and
your subjects need his hands, for bringing Kortagison from Womb of Kyger

 Cragspider meditated for a while and said, "If he promise to be with our
side, I'll go with him and I 'll do whatever he wants." Though Heort didn't
understand all what they talked, he pleaded to his friendship to both of
them if they try to help him then. "This is done." Cragspider horribly
grinned and transformed to Dark Wind and Screaming Fire to join the party.

 Three Vingkotling tribe, Forosilvuli and Infithtelli, and even Orgovaltes
(one of their King was died for Heort) pleaded fealty to King Heort and
promised him to join his Kingdom if he could bring Orlanth's Blessing to
their people for he showed great wisdom by removing excess and adding
shortage. Heort accepted them.

 When the trickster heard about the successful negotiation by Heort and his
companions, Hastur lied to his Clanmates and Friends that Cragspider cursed
and drove the Nightmare Tribe by her Fire and Magic to the Pit of Demons,
and his people White Deers still trusted him. But even half of Koroltes
didn't believe it and gradually understood what had occurred while invisible
air passed through from east to north, many of three tribes wanted to go
with the party, but Heort didn't accept all of them except a few because he
still wanted to keep their working secret.


North Wind
 Chilling Winds drew its invisible Swords and Spears from their invisible
scabbards and sheaths, and challenged the party the contest of swinging
arts. But Heort and Cragspider destroyed all of their blades only by gazing,
and Wind Daemons pleaded fealty to Heort's Warband.

 The Winged Shadow, king Jardfor also joined them at that time, for their
next mission was killing his Crazed Son. Though he was still doubted justice
of his decision and wandered he should help them or disturb them.

 King Venef of Bereneth already waited Heort and the Fire Witch for he was
Heort's friend, and guided the companions to the stead where the Berserker
chained himself. Cragspider closed there and felt both Great Magic and
Curse, Gordangar also felt the presence of Demigod.

 Cragspider asked to Heort,
"Child. Do you want to free from his source of the power, his madness? Can
you fight the Wolf Lord without the help of Mad Spirit?"

 Heort replied,
"If you can do it, please help him. Power is important, but it is not the
only important thing. And no one is more important than those with whom we
live. Solitude is for outlaws. holy people, and madmen."

 Cragspider touched Gordangar's shoulder and removed his mother-in-law's
curse from him, and replaced it to the Fire which gradually consumed him
from inside. Gordangar thanked Heort but Cragspider warned him that he would
not die in peace for the Fire would not let him to do so. Gordangar pledged
to fight for High King he could offer his short life as far as he could.
Heort could not stop him to do so.

 Already Berenethtelli and Penentelli were Heort's friends and they were
willing to join his Kingdom if he could successfully conciliate the
difference between Winter Tribes and Summer Tribes,

 The Wolf King Kogall had terrible magical powers by the ritual in the
Arthing of Serpent Beast Brotherhood, no one could confront his howling, no
one could trace his movement, and no one can survive the poison which his
biting tooth caused. Once he joined the Army of Chaos with many monsters
whose power is weaker than he, but similar in power and curse. He killed his
many enemies by their help.  But after "I fought, we won." He hid in the
shadow of Esrolvuli Land and wandered the Tunnels reaching to Shadow Plateau
and ate both humans and trolls alike if he felt hunger.

 One Blind Seer prophesied him before he ate him, "No one can kill you
except who holds larger curse than you. (Macbeth? Siegfried?)" Kogall
remembered what occurred to him after he failed in the trial and fell to the
Pit of Ragnaglar. Humakt guided Gordangar to his hidden nest and finally met
Kogall and his minions. While others of the party wiped out the tainted
Wolves, Kogall asked Gordangar,

 "I am Kogall Jardforsson, Successor of Sword and Helm. Who needs my life?"
 "I am Gordangar Twice-Cursed, and I came here to liberate Esrolvuli and
stop your torment."
 "But no one can kill me except who holds larger curse than me. My kins
killed each other, my father taught me wrong way and he abandoned me."
 "My mother-in law cursed me, I killed my brother and my wife, my own children
while the Curse crazed me."

 Kogall understood the Time came but tried to defend him like a son of
King. They fought and struggled fiercely, hand to claw, foot to leg, sword
to fang. His Howling was useless for Gordangar always heard his own crazed
howling inside of his ears. His Moving was stopped when he was caught by the
trap of Spears which Heort's companions set. And blood of his poison and
Gordangar's Flame mingled over the ground and their flesh, burned and
wounded both of them horribly, but finally Gordangar slashed his body and
barely killed him. Other minions of Chaos were also destroyed by the Party.

 King Jardfor was killed by the Lightning for he couldn't help flying to the
Sky for the herb which might save his son's life. The Companions realized
that was the Will of Orlanth and tried to recover or at least soothe him,
but Jardfor smiled weakly and asked Heort to perform Funeral for him and his
son as the true King and Prince. Heort promised them their corpse would be
burned by the pile which was gathered for Heort himself. Jardfor thanked him
his generosity and closed his eyes. His Raven-like Body shrank after he had

 When the trickster heard about the death of Two Hidden Kings, Hastur lied
to his Clanmates and Friends but anyone except White Deers didn't accept it
anymore, and he was removed from Tribal Ring, his people White Deers still
trusted him. But most of Koroltes and gradually understood what had occurred
while invisible air passed through from north to south, and Heort accepted
almost all of them except a few because he realized he needed those warriors
to fight for coming Battle.


  South Wind
 When they reached the Southern Land of Kethela, Both Sex of Beautiful
Daemons and Warm Wind appeared in front of them, a seductive scent blew
behind them, and Heort permitted some of his companions to go with them for
a while, but others being faithful to their principle or their lover
staunchly stayed with the King of Koroltes.

 Last Chaos Army hid in the Boundary of Koroltes, Chieftain Hastur realized
he could no longer deceive even his own clan, and Heort urged Chaos together
in the Koroltes Boundary intentionally and they tried to kill Heort when he
would return back to his Clan, but still Hastur insisted Winter Deers how
Ivarne deceived them, and Heort betrayed their trust by not to trust them,
and what they would miss again if they know Heort was a ghost urged by the
illusion which he held it in living. So Winter Deers prepared for his
funeral though they didn't have his body. Though orphans Estavos and Estava
tried to stop them, what was they mere Children before Adulthood able to do for it?

 Isidilian was the Lord of Dwarves near the opening of Ginijji, and he kept
long Rivalry against Ezkankekko though he also admitted they could not
survive the Battle without the Unity of all Races, but both he and Only Old
One wanted to let their own race take the leadership of Unified Council and
another plan about the system of it.

 And Ezkankekko himself had his own problem in his own kin, Queens of the
First Tribe in Dagori Inkarth and Ladies of Cliff Home didn't like any idea
to have any masculine identity even he was a son of greatest Gods over
Surface World. And some of them even supported the enemy of their own people
ever from immemorial age, dwarves and their immortal masters.

 While Heort's mustering army in a valley threatened the neighborhood,
Ezkankekko also mustered his army in near another valley, but he didn't know
where both of them stayed, that was the first place where firstly Orlanth
made a contract with the untamable trickster, and there, he began
Lightbringer's Quest. (See Storm Tribe P. 71 last battle against Chaos) This
place was called "Sit Here" because Orlanth ordered Eurmal there to do so.

 Chaos Army also heard about that situation, and their leader conspired
crush both of the greatest leaders of Greyland by being the one who profit
from it...because it seemed that the two Army just started to fight. The
Trickster Hastur just performed the Funeral for living Heort before that
event perfectly ignoring the Situation. But Estavos and Estava ran from
there and Hastur pursued the children.

 But that was the trick of Heort, for he was able to know everything inside
of Seven Wind, and the Army of Chaos hid in the shadow of Trickster. He
prepared for the War, but the Only Old One could not know it, and he was
perplexed how to do for the Army of Orlanthi for he didn't trust Heort yet.
He didn't want another fight but he didn't want to send a messenger until
Heort would send to him. But Heort's Army growing, and Only Old One
gradually found difficulty to muster numbers enough to rival it.

 Finally, Heort knew the chance. Chaos closed too near for the chance.
Heort's Army surprised the minions of Chaos. Trolls didn't realize what
occurred firstly, but gradually they also started to fight Chaos side by
side with Orlanthi, The victory was complete. And many of barely survived
monsters fled to north Ginijji or south Larnsti Footprint.

 (In Uz Lore of Troll Pack, Unity Battle occurred in the North of
Kerofinela, but in Thunder Rebels, Unity Battle occurred after the "I
fought, we won.")

 After the battle, Heort smiled and told Ezkankekko being at a loss for a
 "I kept my word, next by turn you should prove your word."
 And Heort told him the message from his grandmother, the Goddess of Night.

 Eventually, Ezkankekko realized what Heort did for him (united Shadow
Dance, Elder Wild and Cragspider into his alliance?), and the Demigod also
smiled. And the Darkness finally admitted the King of Storm over the Surface
World as the Fire realized the Authority of Orlanth in Underworld.

 At that time, Ezkankekko said Heort proved the Justice of his kin and his
God, and permitted him to lead Garanvuli and Sedenorvuli, In return that,
Heort entrusted the responsibility of leading Esrolvuli and Haranding though
they were originally Orlanthi.

 Heort taught Ezkankekko how to make Ring of equal members, and suggested
him to select all members from each races and elements. Ezkankekko approved
it and he also joined his companions. First, it began from a couple, but it
ended with an army and large crowd. They firstly went to the Tula of Winter
Deers, next, they reached to Grizzly Peak. Where Heort enthroned as the High
King as Great Vingkot.


 Funeral of Heort

 Trickster Hastur said, "Heort died." but Estavos and Estava didn't believe it and
fled from the clan. The Victorious Army captured the three, when Heort
reached his own home, still deafest people gathered there for preparation
of Funeral. Heort went there alone firstly.

  "Who died?" Heort asked to the man.
  "Great Chieftain Heort."
  "Do you know Heort?"
  "I don't know but everybody lament to his death
though almost none of them know him."(Aristides in Plutarch?)
So I have tried to cry for him. But I cannot."
  "I think it is natural and you don't need to lament his death.
I am Heort."

 Heort pardoned Hastur for he could not smash the Chaos in one place without
Hastur's (unintentional) help, and gave him a position of Trickster in his Royal
Ring. Gordangar, Ivarne, Andrin, Venef, and Bevara also took part in his Royal Ring.

 Heort enthroned as the Highking over the birthplace, the Grizzly Peak. That
place was also once the enthronement place of Vingkot. Nine Vingkot Tribes
survived Great Darkness and Eleven Tribes pledged their loyalty to the
Chieftain of Winter Deer and the King of Koroltes. Each of the Tribe offered
the Regalia and Shrine of each Important Gods for the ritual. Heort burned
the Hidden Kings, Kogall and Jardfor's body over the piles which was
collected for his own Funeral.

 (Each of tribes brought Regalia of Heortling Highkingship and Heort founded
Priest Ring learning a lesson from the act of King Rastagar the Atheist,
bestowed authority over them as the councilors of High Kingship.)

 Heort and Ivarne enjoyed Long and Prosperous era for their rule because
everyone of Heortling gradually began to sense the World to recovery. But
Orlanth and Hengall didn't admit their blood made-up another unjust. (And I
don't want to speak about the tragedy which ravaged their twin children,
Estavos and Estava.) But you can always watch their peace when you visited
Heort's Stagland near Karulinoran. You can see the happy couple.


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