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[ House in Kitamoto / M2D+MA ] 2001~2002
Location: Saitama, Japan
Architects: Masaaki Nakatsuji & Masae Nakatsuji
Building Use: House
Stories: Above ground 2 stories
Structural system: wood frame
Photo: Toshiharu Kitajima
The site is located on the triangle in a crowded area with two-story
wooden houses. Two narrow roads are crossing in front of the site.
The building form and its inner design were determined through two
processes. First was 'the geometric approach to the triangle site',
and next was 'the music played by the client'.
The client is a music teacher. eWhen he plays the music, the house
has become the instrument to resound itf. This was the reason that
the house has only few inner walls. The each of spaces that are
named living, dining, bedroom, and so on, are not divided on physical
screen. Instead, we tried to divide them by differing their qualities.
We groped for the finish materials to be adopted, and drew the
geometrical lines on the floor with them.
The cool concrete line crossing with the center point of triangle was
drawn to show the main pass-way of 1st floor. It was overlaid with
metal-perforated-panel deck that is also showing the main pass-way
of 2nd floor. The site and a front road are divided on the green belt
and the air curtain that are let off from it.
To make the harmony with the neighborhood, the external walls was
finished with dark wood siding not by a traditional method but by the
devised method with a special detail. We used the aluminum-channels,
which were originally designed for jointing the corrugated-aluminum
sheets, as the joints member between each of the sliding-boards.
These members were fixed with the stainless-steel-screws so that
they can be exchanged individually.

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