Call for participants

About Long Hair Project in Long Hair Magazine

Many female long to grow their hair long. However some of them cut their hair before they wear long hair. It needs patience for females to become long haired lady. This page has opened for female who are willing to grow their hair long, and those who report the process on our web site in order not to fail it.
I would like to call for participants of our long hair project.

Conditions of participants

Conditions of participants are as follows

  1. Asian female. Of course, Asian females living in non Asian counrtries are also welcome.
  2. Those who are willing to grow their hair with keeping natural black, that is, without dyeing their hair. This is based on our site policy that "Cherish natural and healthy hair". Hair dye damages your hair seriously, so that we never recommend you to dye your hair.
  3. Goal of hair length is longer than waist.
  4. Those who are able to report the process periodically.


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