About Message Board

Everyone can read articles on our message board. Nevertheless only the members can write message on it. The reason why I introduce membership on our message board is to keep away from troubles on it by anonimity. This is common system to message board in Japanese (full ) edition.

Application for membership of our message board.

I'm happy you are interested in our message board. It is set to exchange of information about long haired women and communicate each other. I suggest that it should be better for ladies not to open your e-mail address on the message board.
We have some rules in our message board, that is,

1. Your messages and information may be brought in this site. Of course, copyright of the article belong to author.
2. Long Hair Magazine is not dating site.
3. You can use nickname, but cannot use plural nicknames.
4. You are responsible for contributed messages by yourself.
5. If you change your e-mail address, please let me know your new e-mail address.
6. Webmaster may delete the following kind of messages;
(1)include sexual topics.
(2)messages that defame other members or disclose the privacy of other people.
(3)unrelated or unpolite messages.

If you agree to our policy and rules above-mentioned, please e-mail to me including

(a) your handle name (nick name on message board)
(b) your sex
(c) your country
(d) impression of this site.

You will be welcome and get password within 1-3 days.

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