About Long Hair Magazine


Long Hair Magazine is a corporate salon on the web for long- haired women, women aiming long hair, and all men and women who love long-haired women. We think that Japanese female's black hair or maroon hair not being dyed is beautiful. Based on this sense of value, we introduce pictures of beautiful long-haired women, exchange of information of hair care and long-haired female stars, inform art whose model is long-haired female and so on. We adore women with black hair or maroon hair not being dyed, and talk about charms of them. We cheer long- haired women aiming long hair.

We follows laws and social conventions. We maintain right of portrait and copyright.

About us

Long Hair Magazine has the longest history (since 1997) in Japanese long hair sites. Long Hair Magazine features long-haired ladies and all about long hair.

Our site is an executive one so that only our member can write to our message board, because there occur many troubles in free access message boards.

Some people asked me about a page requiring password in Japanese (full) edition. This is a message board for members (Japanese only), not a storage of pictures for members .

About English version

Long Hair Magazine is full of information and talks about long hair , for example, information of long haired singers and actresses, books comment on long hair, novels in which heroine with long hair appears, hair care, and cases by which long haired ladies were scared.

I show you important part of our site in English, that is, pictures, hair care tips, Japanese traditional culture about hair, links to Japanese and Asian sites. However, I cannot provide you all the pages in English because I do not have enough time to translate all of them.

Long Hair Magazine