TopMa_ho_Ma_ho_Family まほまほファミリー


Yoko and Ma_ho in the bath / まま まほ、おふろ

peco / ペコ

[Fixed Location] / nagori / [所定の位置] / 名残

performance [Fixced Location]

She’s YOKO.
Ito, Yoko.
She is a poet, tout le monde.

Yoko's drawings

are also interesting.

(Written in English and Japanese)

Her family has been called [Ma_ho_Ma_ho_Family].

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She often acts avec hideki, her husband.
She also sometimes acts avec her infant et her baby.

Following, except acts by Ma_ho_Ma_ho_Family, but only Yoko's acts.


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2002/06/23 Sun 14:00 ~ & 19:00 ~

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2002/03/09 Sat

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2002/02/18 Mon ~ 23 Sat

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1998/03/09 Mon ~ 14 Sat

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1997/05/18 Sun

Her daughter [Ma_ho] was born.

About 1 week before, and

about 1 week after,

she accomplish her performance.


Yoko started to perform poems.

about 1974

Yoko started to write poems.

about 1968

Yoko, in her childhood, danced [Quelo_yon].


Our unit has been called [Ma_ho_Ma_ho_Family].

monthly variated

[What a joyfull communication !]


Yoko solo
Diction de Vers
Yoko's solo exhibition

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profile hinden Hideki
Our unit has been called [Ma_ho_Ma_ho_Family]. He’s Hideki, le marchand de bonheur.


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