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Kojiki The first volume

▲AmatsuhikohikonagisatakeugayafukiahezunoMikoto − AmatsuhikohikonagisatakeugayafukiahezunoMikoto

Now, daughter's ToyotamabimenoMikoto of the god of a sea came to the husband's house and said as follows.
"I was pregnant from early times, so when I should bear now, it was. At such time, it isn't possible to produce Young in AmatsuKamni at the ocean. Therefore I have come here.
She prepared the delivery house into the seaside beach with the feather of the cormorant as a roof immediately. However, she entered the delivery house because delivery approached as for her though the roof of the delivery house did not finish yet covering it and became not able to bear it. And she said to Hiko(HoworinoMikoto) as follows when she finally gave birth.
"A person in all foreign lands will be the original form at the time when she bears, and bears a child. So I'll be the original form, too, and I give birth. Please never see me.

HoworinoMikoto thought the word was strange. While she was childbearing increasingly, he looked down secretly. She transformed herself into a shark of Yahiro, and she crawled and she was going around to a sprawl. He was astonished to see that, and escaped to a far place.
So ToyotamabimenoMikoto knew to have been looked stealthily at by HoworinoMikoto, and thought very ashamedly. She gave birth Young and said as follows.
"I intended to come and go with this country forever through the way of the sea. However, I am really ashamed because my figure was looked in by him."
She blocked a boundary in a sea up and returned to the inside in a sea immediately.

Now, the name of born Young is AmatsuhikohikonagisatakeugayafukiahezunoMikoto.
After that, Toyotamabime complained that it was looked stealthily at. But she couldn't endure any more beloved. She entrusted to Tamayoribime of her younger sister to breed Young. She has presented poetry.
A red jewel even glistens on the cord. Your form like the white jewel is wonderful nobly.

So Hikodi (HoworinoMikoto) presented the following poetry.
In the off-island where a wild duck came near to, I slept with a wife. I do not forget the wife forever as far as I live.

By the way, HikohohodeminoMikoto held the office in the palace of Takachiho for 580 years. Emperor's tomb is to the west of the mountain of Takachiho.
AmatsuhikohikonagisatakeugayafukiahezunoMikoto married TamayoribimenoMikoto of the aunt. The name of Young born is ItsusenoMikoto. It is InahinoMikoto next. It is MikenunoMikoto next. It is WakamikenunoMikoto next. Alias ToyomikenunoMikoto, alias KamuyamatoiharebikonoMikoto. (4 pillars)
MikenunoMikoto stepped on the crest of a wave and went over to the far-off land. InahinoMikoto was in the sea with the country of mother.

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