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Kojiki The first volume

▲TakemikaduchinoKami and TakeminakatanoKami − TakemikaduchinoKami and TakeminakatanoKami

So AmaterasuOhmikami said as follows.
"Which god should probably be given this time?"
So OmoikanenoKami and all gods said as follows.
"We'd like to dispatch ItsunowohabarinoKami where it is in the upper reaches of the river of Amenoyasunokaha. If it isn't this god, we'll dispatch TakemikaduchinowonoKami of his young. But AmenowohabarinoKami inversely holds water from Amenoyasunokaha back perfectly and occupies. Therefore other god can't go to tell this thing.Therefore especially, we'll dispatch AmenokakunoKami and ask about will of AmenowohabarinoKami."
That's why we dispatch AmenokakunoKami, and let's question AmenowohabarinoKami. Then AmenowohabarinoKami said as follows.
"It is awesomeness. I'll serve. But TakemikaduchinoKami in my young is suited to this role."
He offered TakemikaduchinoKami immediately. So AmaterasuOhmikami added AmenotorifunenoKami to TakemikaduchinoKami and they was dispatched.

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