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Kojiki The first volume

▲OhkuninushinoKami − OhkuninushinoKami

OhkuninushinoKami had YasoGami (many gods). However, all of them handed over a country to OhkuninushinoKami. The reason that it was handed is as follows.

They thought all his brothers would like to woo Yakamihime in Inaba. So all they went to her to meet. They made OhkuninushinoKami a follower and made him shoulder a bag.
When they came to a cape in Ketanosaki, a nude hare lay down.
Brother gods said to the hare as follows.
"You be bathed in this seawater to cure your body. And you expose your body to a wind, and sleep on the back of the high mountain."
So the hare was based on telling of brother gods. Then seawater of a body of a hare was dried. Skin of a hare was exposed to a wind and cracked. A hare was painful, and could cry.
OhnamudinoKami came to the end. He saw the hare and said as follows.
"Why can you cry?"
A hare answered.
"I lived in Okinoshima. I thought I migrated to this place. But there were no means to cross a sea. So I tricked Wani (shark) in a sea.
'Let's compete with me and you which same tribes there are much. You collect a same family completely. You lie down from Okinoshima to Ketanosaki, and line up.
I set foot on the top, and I count it while running, and let's pass. Then a lot of which there is, we understand.'
If I said to shark this, a shark was tricked, lay down and lined up. I set foot on the top and passed while counting it.
When I came down to this place now, I said as follows.
'You were tricked by me.'
Then a shark in the end caught me immediately. All my kimonos came off. And I was crying. Your previous brother gods said as follows.
'Be bathed in seawater and played by a wind, and lie down.'
Then all bodies were damaged."

OhnamudinoKami told a hare as follows.
"Immediately, go to a mouth of a river and wash your body with fresh water. Take a spica of the cattail in the mouth of a river and lay. When it revolves on it, your skin heals like origin."
When it was done as telling, a body of a hare turned back. This hare is called Imabanoshirousagi. That's also called UsagiKami now.
The hare said to OhnamudinoKami as follows.
"Gods of a brother can't get Yakamihime surely. You who shoulder a bag would get her."

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