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Kojiki The first volume

▲The first in a universe − 天地の初発

When heaven and earth had started, the next gods were born in Takamanohara. AmenominakanushinoKami, TakamimusubunoKami and KamimusubinoKami.
Three pillars of all this gods were a single and born god. They hid themselves.
Next a country was still young one just made, and oil seemed saved. When floating like jellyfish, the next gods were born.
Umashiashikabihikodi was born by the momentum which gets a lucky break of a reed. And AmenotokotachinoKami was born. Gods of these two pillars was born as an independent god completely, too. They hid themselves.
Five pillars of above mentioned gods are gods in special heaven.

Gods of the following two pillars were born with that. They were born as the god of which both of KuninotokotachinoKami and ToyokumonunoKami became independent and hid themselves.
Next the following gods were born. UhidininoKani and female SuhidininoKani. TsunoguwinoKami and female IkuguhinoKami. OhtonodinoKami and female OhtonobenoKami. OmodarunoKami and female AyakashikonenoKami. Next IzanaginoKami and female IzanaminoKami.

It puts IzanaminoKami together from above-mentioned KuninotokotachinoKami and am called "the god world seven generations (Kamiyo nanayo)." Two pillars of first gods are independent and are one generation respectively most. Next ten pillars of enumerated gods are one generation respectively together with two pillars of god.

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