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Kojiki The second volume

▲OhtarashihikooshirowakenoMikoto − OhtarashihikooshirowakenoMikoto(Keikou Tenno)

OhtarashihikooshirowakenoSumeramikoto stayed on its duty of HishironoMiya in Makimuku and ruled the world.
This Emperor married Inabinoohoiratsume in daughter's Harima in ancestor's Wakatakekibitsuhiko of Kibinoomi. The name of born Young is KushitsunuwakenoMiko. The next is OhousunonoMikoto. The next is WousunoMikoto. An another name is YamatowogunanoMikoto. The next is YamatonekonoMikoto. The next is KamukushinoMiko. (5 pillars).
He married daughter's YasakanoirihimenoMikoto of IrihikonoMikoto of Yasaka. The name of born Young is WakatarashihikonoMikoto. The next is IhokinoiribikonoMikoto. The next is OshiwakenoMikoto. The next is IhokinoirihimenoMikoto.
Mistress's (mime) child of the Emperor is ToyowakenoMiko. The next is Nunoshironoiratsume.
A child of his mistress is Nunakinoiratsume. The next is KagoyorihimenoMikoto. The next is WakakinoirihikonoMiko. The next is EhikonoMiko in Kibi. The next is TakakihimenoMikoto. The next is OtohimenoMikoto.
He married Mihakashibime of Himuka. The name of born Young is ToyokuniwakenoMiko.
He married younger sister's Inabinowakairatsume of Inabinoohoiratsume. The name of born Young is MawakanoMiko. The next is HikohitonoohoenoMiko.
He married daughter's Kagurohime of great-grandchild's (mihihiko) Sumeironoohonakatsuhiko of YamatotakerunoMikoto. The name of born Young is OhoenoMiko.
The one all Young of this Ohtarashihiko Emperor recorded recorded 21Miko. The one which wasn't recorded is 59Miko. A total is 80Miko. 3 pillars of Miko of WakatarashihikonoMikoto, YamatotakerunoMikoto and IhokinoirihikonoMikoto has the name as Hinemiko during this. All other 77Miko split up into KuninoMiyatsuko Wake Inagi Agatanushi in countries.
Now, WakatarashihikonoMikoto ruled the world. WousunoMikoto suppressed eastern and western rough gods and the people who don't follow.
Next KushitsunuwakenoMiko is a progenitor of Muraji in Mumata.
Next OhousunoMikoto is a progenitor of Morinokimi Ohotanokimo Shimadanokimi.
Next KamukushinoMiko is a progenitor of Sakabe of Ahiko Uda of Sakabe in Kinokuni.
Next ToyokuniwakenoMiko is a progenitor of Kuninomiyatsuko in Himuka.

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