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Kojiki The second volume

▲MimakiirihikoiniwenoMikoto − MimakiirihikoiniwenoMikoto(Sujin Tenno)

MimakiirihikoiniwenoMikoto stayed on its duty of MidugakinoMiya in Shiki and ruled the world.
This Emperor married daughter's Tohotsuayumemaguhashihime of Arakahatobe f Kinokuninomiyatsuko. The name of born Young is ToyokiirihikonoMikoto. The next is ToyosukiirihimenoMikoto (2 pillars).
He married ancestor's Ohoamahime of Woharinomuraji. The name of born Young is OhoirikinoMikoto. The next is YasakanoirihikonoMikoto.The next is NunakinoirihimenoMikoto. The next is TowochinoirihimenoMikoto.
He married daughter's MimatsuhimenoMikoto of OhbikonoMikoto. The name of born Young is IkumeirihikoisachinoMikoto. The next is IzanomawakanoMikoto. The next is KunikatahimenoMikoto. The next is ChichitsukuwahimenoMikoto. The next is IgahimenoMikoto. The next is YamatohikonoMikoto (6 pillars).
These Emperor's Young is 12 pillars all together (male Miko 7 Female Miko 5).

So IkumeirihikoisachinoMikoto ruled the world.
Next ToyokiirihikonoMikoto is a progenitor of Kamitsukenunokimi Shimotsukenunokimi. ToyosukihimenoMikoto of the younger sister performed religious service of IsenoOhkaminomiya.
Next OhoirikinoMikoto is a progenitor of Notonowomi.
Next YamatohikonoMikoto. (At this time, the people were made and lined in a first Imperial mausoleum at this Miko, and it was buried.)

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