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Kojiki The second volume

▲KamuyamatoiharebikonoMikoto − KamuyamatoiharebikonoMikoto(Jimmu Tenno)

Now, when they (Two pillars) moved ahead from the country, it anchored in Shirakatanotsu via Namihayanowatari. Tominonagasunebiko promoted an army and opposed at this time, so they fought.And IharebikonoMikoto took the shield which was in the ship, disembarked and stood up. So there was called Tatetsu. Even now, it says Tadetsu of Kusaka.

  When they fought against Tomibiko, ItsusenoMikoto was injured in the hand by an arrow of Tomibiko. So ItsusenoMikoto promised as follows.
"I'm Young in HinoKami, but it isn't good to fight to the sun. Therefore I was injured by a vulgar guy. I'll detour from now, shoulder the sun and shoot."
He detoured from south one and arrived at Chinunoumi and washed blood of the hand. Therefore there is called Chinunoumi. They have gone around from there and have arrived at Wonominato in Kinokuni. He said as follows.
"I cannot die of the wound that I suffered from a vulgar guy."
He cried and died this. So It names Minato it and says Wonominato. There is his Imperial mausoleum in Kamayama of Kinokuni.

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