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Kojiki The latter volume

▲WohatsusenowakasazakinoMikoto − WohatsusenowakasazakinoMikoto(Buretsu Tenno)

WohatsusenowakasazakinoMikoto stayed on its duty of NamiinoMiya in Hatsuse and ruled the world.
Hitsuginomikoi wasn't here for this emperor. Therefore Wohatsusebe was established on behalf.
There is an Imperial mausoleum in Ihatsukinowoka of Katawoka.
An emperor demised already, but there wasn't a prince who should succeed to the Imperial Throne. Therefore it made grandchild's WohodonoMikoto in 5 generation of HomudanoSumeramikoto leave for the capital from ChikatsuAhuminokuni. He could do TashirakanoMikoto marriage, and it could give him the world.

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