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Kojiki The latter volume

▲AnahonoMiko − AnahonoMiko(Ankou Tenno)

AnahonoMiko stayed on its duty of AnahonoMiya in Isonokami and ruled the world.
The Emperor made ancestor's NenoWomi of SakamotonoWomi a messenger to a house of OhkusakanoMiko about younger brother's OhhatsusenoMiko.
"An emperor said as follows. I'd like to make WakakusakaniMiko of your younger sister and OhhatsusenoMiko get married. Present your younger sister."
Then OhkusakanoMiko prayed 4 times politely and said.
"I do not let a younger sister go out expecting such words, too. This is an awesome thing. I give it as the Emperor says."

However, It thought that OhkusakanoMiko was rude only by words. Immediately, he has presented Oshikinotamakadura through NenoWomi as a present from my younger sister.
NenoWomi stole the present. He slandered OhkusakanoMiko as follows. "OhkusakanoMiko didn't consent to emperor's word. And he grasped the pattern of the sword and got angry as follows. My younger sister doesn't make it the lowest seat of the same clan."

So the Emperor was scolded very much. He killed OhkusakanoMiko. The Emperor took lawful wife's Nagatanoohoiratsume of the Miko away and made it the Empress.

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