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Kojiki The latter volume

▲MiduhawakenoMikoto − MiduhawakenoMikoto(Hanzei Tenno)

Younger brother's MiduhawakenoMikoto stayed on its duty of ShibakakinoMiya in Tadihi and ruled the world.
As for this Emperor, height is 9Shaku 2Sun and a half. As for the length of his tooth, 2Bu, top and bottom of 1Sun, the area were regulated equally and were totally wonderful as having gone through a jewel.

The Emperor married daughter's Tsununoiratsume of WaninokogotonoWomi. The name of born Young is Kahinoiratsume. Next it's Tsuburanoiratsume (2 pillars).
Daughter's Otohime of the same Womi was married. The name of born Young is TakaranoMiko. Next it's Takabenoiratsume. It's 4 Miko all together.

The age of this Emperor is sixty years old (It died in July of a year of Hinotonoushi.). There is an Imperial mausoleum in Mozunu.

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