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driftx 144KB 110. Egg-mass of Glossaulax, a kind of shellfish. This item was found on a seashore facing to the Pacific. (6pics.; 144KB)
pelargonium 152KB 109. Epidermis of the petal of Pelargonium sp. (6pics.; 152KB)
stomata 48KB 108. Stomata on the peach. (3pics.; 48KB)
pleurosigma 125KB 107. Structural color in a kind of diatom (Pleurosigma sp.). (7pics.; 125KB)
synnema 64KB 106. Mushroom or mold? Synnema of Penicillium (?). (5pics.; 64KB)
mucorales 40KB 105. Mucorales. A kind of zygomycetes. (5pics.; 40KB)
mgigas 20KB 104. Pensive face? (Macrostomum gigas ?) Photographs taken by Kiyohiko Yamamoto in Nagasaki, Japan. (2pics.; 20KB)
cladosporium 63KB 103. Golden spores of "Black mold" (Cladosporium sp.). (5pics.; 63KB)
bufo 112KB 102. Toads in spring Tokyo (Bufo japonicus). (5pics.; 112KB)
pthopora 118KB 101. Akinetes of Pithophora sp. (9pics.; 118KB)

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