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Last update: 09-AUG-2003

Welcome! This is my personal Web site that is devoted to the topics concerning natural history. Although most pages are written in Japanese, there are many photographs. Here I introduce you them by thumbnails and brief comments. If you are intrested in some, please click the thumbnails and look at the Japanese version. When you need more information about them, please e-mail to me. I'll be glad to translate the pages you want (as far as I can). Enjoy!

Gen-yu Sasaki, Tokyo Japan.

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ceramium 48KB 114. Ceramium tenerrimum ? A small marine red algae. (3pics.; 48KB)
trachea 196KB 113. Trachea and stigma in silk worm. (4pics.; 196KB)
batrachospermum 108KB 112. Batrachospermum sp. found in a fish tank. A kind of freshwater red algae.(5pics.; 108KB)
uni 120KB 111. Tube-feet and pedicellariae in sea urchin (Hemicentrotus sp.). (8pics.; 120KB)

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