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At last I got the official Pikachu "Ningyoyaki"(It' a kind of sponge cake. usually, sweet bean paste(We call it "Anko") inside) cake ! My co-worker bought them for me!
Do you see these two in right side pictures? Darker one's ingredient is "Anko". Light color one's ingredient is custard creme. Custard one crushed, and he/she looks like a evil Pikachu (^_^;)
(Information : You can buy them only in the Tokyo railway station.)

Pikachu "ningyouyaki" cake upshot Pikachu "ningyouyaki" cake - "Anko" and custard

The "Anko" in Pink box, and Custard in White box.

Two kind of box Box and "ningyouyaki" 8 ningyouyaki

My Next Target is..... Pokemon Cookie in Tokyo station ! V(^^)

  I went to TOKYO Pokemon Center last January ! I'll show you the cakes which I bought there !
(Information : You can buy them only in the Pokemon Center (Tokyo and Osaka? maybe.)

Left one is "Pokemon chocolate clunch" It's choco clunch with corn flake. The taste was so-so. (^^;) But, the CAN is so cute! Look! Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Clefairy on the can. It's good for your Tresure box!

Right one is Pokemon sponge cake. Pokemons on the package, but the picture is a little bit strange.... (They aren't so cute, I guess.) but the pokemons on the cake (drown by powder suger) are cute!! (But, If you buy it for little children, they may quarrel to get better piece!)

"Pokemon chocolate clunch" can       Pokemon cake & boxPokemon "Kasutera" (sponge cake)

"Super Hero" buns

I found them a supermarket in the neighborfood.
It named

pikachu bun upshotCan you see ingredient ?

I bought and ate. The taste was so-so. (Ingredient is custard creme, It wasn't so good.)

(Information : It is un-official goods, I guess ! )

Pikachu cake

 It looks good, isn't it?
Strawberry yogurt moose in cocoa sponge, and Chocolate(?) Pikachu and half strawberry on the top. The top Pikachu looks very nice!
(But, The Pikachu tastes so-so, because it wasn't usuall chocolate. It's greasy ! )
(Information : Probably, It is un-official goods, too ! )

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