Great race movement in Jomon period

About 1000BC , the great shellmound of Chiba City disappeared. Population of Chiba City decreased suddenly at the same time (became 1/5 or less). The following is conceivable as the cause.

1. The beginning of salt production in the other province

2. The culture expansion of the northern provinces in Japan

3. The change of environment

Although dried shellfish had beenn valuable as the supply source of salt, the salt manufacturing began about 1000BC. The Chiba citizen could not correspond to this market activity and parted Chiba City being driven to transfer to the northern provinces in Japan. It is also thought that the conditions of location of Chiba City were not suited to the salt production.

The population of the northern provinces increased in the latest Jomon period. I think that the trade area development in north Japan/the Okhotsk/Sakhalin/northern inshore province of China was one of cause. I think that Japan was not an island country but was an ocean country. On the other hand, new farming civilization was developing into western Japan with the race movements from China and Korea. I imagine that the trade area of this western Japan was connected with Korea peninsula. At that time, the trade area of Japan is specializing to the bipolarity of the north and the west. In Chiba province, the depopulation went on between two areas.

The change of environment is conceivable as one of the cause. Temperature of Chiba City gradually went up, after the ice age ended about 20,000 years ago. The temperature became highest at about 4500 BC (average temperature was 2 to 3 degrees higher than present), and the sea level went up. Chiba and Central Japan then may have been good climate. I imagine the sudden climate change to cold made the location condition of Chiba City worse at about 1000BC. Germanic race, Mongolia race and Aryan were moving in the same period. The movement of Chiba citizen and global race may originate in the similar environment change.

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