Shellmounds in Chiba City

Jomon period was a peaceful era over 10,000 years without war, weapon, moat, hedge and key.
"Jo_mon" means "cord_mark" in Japanese. Jomon period is an era when the cord marked pottery was made and used. It began about 14,000BC and ended about 500BC.

Index Contents
1. Shellmounds distribution There are over 100 great shellmounds in Chiba City.
2. Shellmound sight The sight of Arayashiki Shellmound and the view from there. Arayashiki Shellmound is the park where there is no resent artificial structure. But it is a favored spot especially by dogs.
3. Jomon pottery There were technology revolutions on Jomon pottery.
4. Race movement About 1000BC, the large shellmound of Chiba City was quitted to make, and the population of Chiba City drastically decreased.
5.Food in Jomon period The food seems to have been diversified. There is the possibility with fermentation technology. Were there alcohol and bread?
6. Arayashiki Shellmound details Let's think the life of Chiba citizen in Jomon period from the details of excavation.

This homepage is not an academic one, made from the interest in the life and the technological innovation in Jomon period. "yygucci", amateur on archaeology, introduces about the shellmound and Jomon period of Chiba City in Japan.