Tribal Centers of Dragon Pass

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I think Somewhat there is contradiction about the existence of seminomadic / decentralised heortling have their own need (or usefulness) of their tribal center, for it fixes and mends the seat for specific clans that is near of the city [For example, Jonstown has completely on Aranwyth territory, though Malani founded it.]  Aside from the fact Sartar made his cities for unifying feuding clans and tribes by making cities on its borders (but he certainly failed about Duck Point and Colymar) , for their flexible and practical way [unprincipled? or irresponsible from the point of view of centralised Sun Dome Templars / Dara Happans] might prevent these centers as one of functionary points of whole Principality.

I think many elected (by political compromise, thus weak) heortling kings want to rule tribes from their own clan base, not distant Tribal Seat. It might indicate the level of centralisation of each tribes....for example, in Dragon Pass: LoT, Cinsina and Locaem doesn't have specific centers while Malani and Colymar have their own, even if not in Yelmalion Tyrannos Rule [Harvar of Vantaros in Aldachur, Count Lukus of Vaantar]. But this might be too technical analysis and it might simply indicate lack of concerns of authors, like about Balkoth along and around the Jaldon's Grave..... Maybe some sartari see Hauberk Jon permitted to put on his Jonstown distant Cinsina Land with quite astonishment for the eccentricity among Malani......

Order of Tribe Names is according to Sartar Rising 1: Barbarian Adventures, place names and names of current kings are from Dragon Pass: Land of Thunder.

Below is older Guide before HeroWars....
Here is also a list by Jane Williams..

#Free Sartar
*Aranwyth: Toena Fort [Queen Ilgalad Trollfriend] See Peter Nordstrand's Page
*Cinsina: Cinsina Lands, (Larnste Table: Ceremonial Center?) [Queen Ivartha the Skinner] See Ian Leake's Page
*Lismelder: Lismelder Lands, Malani Hills [King Harvald the Hairy of Poss?] See also Tales #18
*Sambari: Roundstone [King Rogvarth Loud-laugh] See Benedict Adamson's Site
*Torkani: Goodfarm Vale [Queen Yrsa Nightbeam] See Jamie Revell's Site

#Enslaved Sartar
*Balkoth: Yellow Hills? Ambush Trail? [King Angtyr of the Horn]
*Balmyr: Halfort [King Willandring Clever-Kennings]
*Colymar: Clearwine [King Blackmor Kangharl] See Issaries Official Site and King of Sartar
*Culbrea: Fox Hollow [King Ranulf Turn-tail] See Ye Booke of Tentacles #2, Patrick Sandberg Site.
*Enstalos: Fort Enstala [King Tonaling Hardblow (Perfectly Lunarized)]
*Kheldon: Goodfork [? Queen Kallyr Starbrow] See Guy Jobbins Site here is also Kheldoni by Jane Williams
*Locaem: Famegrave? [King Gavial Brightspear] Search about Salvi the Good. See Some Japanese Malion's Harvar Clan Note
*Malani: Two Ridge Fort [Queen Amalda Edrufsdotter] I want to write about their eccentricity in future... and House of Malan...though this is earlier age setting before Lismelder split.

*Dinacoli: Blue Boar Fort, Donalf Flats [King Petrad?] Ghoul King Brangbane
*Princeros: Sharl Plain [?]
*Tovtaros: Lost Man Wilds [?] See John Hughes Website (bluefoot?)
*Vantaros: Aldachur!, Engoli Fort [Duke Harvar Ironfist]

*Amad: Amadhall
*Bachad: Lizardwood?
*Tres: Lost Woods?

#Lost Tribes
*Dundealos: Dundealostead (Now ruined and haunted) [] Of course Earlier Setting, but see Jon Smithers' Site
*Kultain: Twotop (Now Sylangi Centert)[]
*Maboder: Stonegate (Now Jomesland) [Jomes Hostralos]

#Volsaxar {Earldom?}
(See firstly about Ian Cooper's Power-balance Map, some of Lunar Sympathizers are oppotunists and still likely return to Orlanth worship if such is good
in the course of Hero Wars..., I suppose.)

*Volsaxi: Whitewall [King Broyan Vingkotsson] (Smithstone [Baron Sanuel]) See Whitewall Siege Mailing List
*Bacofi: Darsrest [King Hroar]
*Curtali: Dreven Vale [?]
*Sylangi: Twotop (First Top) [King Bosodos Bowbreaker]

*Vaantar Sun Dome: Amber Field [Count Lukus]
*Karhend {Earldom}: Jansholm [Earl Willelm the Bloody]
*Kitori: Zatarn Lake? [?]

#Exiles of Wintertop {Lunar Tarsh lump together it to Kerofini} See "Tarsh War" and "Wintertop's Shadow", though still not official...
*Mithuinn: Korlokstead? [King Tovtarim]
*Hendarli: Hendarstead [King Orios Sternhearted]
*Marantaros: Maransdun [King Stonor]
*Iristaros: Irist Hold [King Tarkil Bloodybreeks]


Pol Joni: [None]
Telmori: Wolf Ridges [King Kostajor Wolf-champion]

Ask David Dunham about its clannish names and structutes and its tribe (For it seems that Grazers have only one Tribe, "Pure Horse Tribe" along with their Solar Centralised Tradition), two leaders [Feathered Horse Queen and Luminous Stallion King], why Sky Bows are hungry? why Yanastan River Laughter and Sora Goodseller are his favorite characters? (See Tales #13 & #15, Enclosure #2, David's Site )

See Old Troll Pack and Drastic Resolution: Darkness....
*"First": Castle of Lead [Queen ?]
*"Bee": Troll Hive, Vale of Flowers [Queen ?]
*Ongafi: City Laca [Queen ?]
*"Indigo Mountain": The Great Caves, Redstone [Queen ?]
*Gash: Grand Mine [Queen ?]
*Korzant: Lesser Ridges [Queen ?]
*Boulder: Boulder Trail [Queen ?]

Other Non Human
*Durulz: Stone Nest (Not Duck Point) [Queen Skalfara Wild-wheat]

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