King Heort and Great Darkness, Silver Age

King Heort and Lightbringer's Quest
We know annually each Heortling clans reenact the small Lightbringer's Quest in each of Sacred Time since the time of Harmast the Barefoot, it takes only week (Thunder Rebels p.116-117). While in the discription of King of Sartar, Kallyr Starbrow seems to have needed whole of Sacred Time (2 Weeks) for LBQ. And for the Full-Scale Hero Quest that Argrath commited in his Saga, I think it needed more than whole of One Year.

Wyrm's Footprint p. 75 The World of Time
History in Glorantha is the sum of events occurring since Time began. Mythical events prior to Time were non-sequential and simultaneous actions happening without the benefit of orderly lineal time. (snip)

Greg loves to write about Heortling Myth (See King of Sartar and Thunder Rebels) and Heort has been portraited as a demigod rather than mere a mortal. On the contrary, Jeff (See Enclosure #1) likes to write about Legend of them, and Heortling always insists "There was a change in the Cosmic Compromise." Greg told how Gods and Humans walking together in God Age, but Jeff wrote about "How LBQ was invented" by the Bloodline of Berenethtelli, can there be any solution? (Greg said, there is an Ultimate Reality even in Mythical Age, but it is beyond the comprehension of mortality and humanity.)

Anyway, below is my humble idea about Heort's age, when Cosmic Compromise occurred... Just the time when Divine World and Mundane World was divided. (IMHO, Heort used the Vingkot Ritual of Founding Great united Kingdom to four Directions, that was also used by Argrath in the End of his Saga.)

Last Loyal Betrayal - Orlanth entered Dusk Gate
Hidden Kings Saga - Unity Battle?
I fought, we won. - Eurmal betrayed Orlanth
Jarani's Staff - Unity Battle? - Orlanth found his Inner Spark
Heort enthroned as Highking - Arachne Solara ate Kajabor
Heort's peaceful reign - Silver Age - Return of Orlanth

Gods Plane Mundane World
Orlanth and Elmal exchanged their shield Battle of Falling Storm (Uz Lore & King of Sartar)
Destruction of Mastakos Chariot Tragedy of King Erraath
Westafaring and Battle in Luathela Orlanth called Ring of his in Luathela
Orlanth descended to Hell Glory of King Rastagar, Last Royal Betrayal
Betrayal of Eurmal Hidden Kings Saga, I fought, we won.
Orlanth found his Inner Spark Heort found the Lawstaff of Jarani
Restoration Heort disappeared, Elmal lost his Fire
Three Trials Heort reenacted the Vingkot Ritual
Orlanth met Yelm the King of Maggot Unity Battle of Heort and Only Old One
Redemption Heort made contract with Only Old One
Arachne Solara devoured Kajabor Heort enthroned as Highking of Vingkotling
Peace of All People Peaceful Reign of Highking
Return of Voria End of Winter Deer Clan
First Dawn The Theyalan World Council of Friends

Empire of Wyrm's Friend and The Three Brothers Divided the World

Below is my struggle from the Greg Stafford's Unfinished and Still Forbidden to Non GTA member Archive of the Second Age, (Such condition indicates it is still strictly under the unsettled status of Greg's concept of EWF mysticism and its history.) and my theory of it is sometimes intentionally out of its mainframe and self sufficient for the Mystical Association of EWF's Utuma and Alakoring, As you know.

Carmania Saird Dara Happa
-900 864 Samandar was born in Arir 824 Balarzak Leatherwing tried to
explore the Land of Doom, Drastor
Dragon Sun Reign 878-910
900-920 Shah Samandar 901-912
Half Brother of Dragonslayer
(Death by DH Rebellion)
(Two Year Winter of Dragonpass
907 Godlearner Attack?)

(907-917 Battle of Machine City
in the God Forgot)

910 Alakoring came to
Kingdom of Aggar
(Windless Typhoon of DP917)
The Hero-Emperor Karvanyar
Reign 910-945
910-913 Alliance with Carmania
War Gods of West+*
920-940 913-955 Nadar the Avenger
Invaded to Loskalm
920 Three Armies Battle
of Alakoring, Survilster and
Drang the Diamond Storm

Hachrat Blowhard destroyed
EWF archives and Dara Happan
925-945 Pentan Nomad Invasion
940-960 Nadar died in Senility
without offspring 955

Dara Happan Regency
940? Death of Alakoring
by Tobosta Greenbow
Emperor Sarenish 946-960
960- "Three Brothers divided the World" Heroic King Verenmars
(Madasharesh Paraham Verenmars 960-991), made peace with Bast People of Vanch
and Imther, and befriended with Alakorings with the title of Successor of Vingkot and Alakoring++*

+* I think by the Succession of Nadar the Avenger, he retreated to the futile struggle against Dragonspawns of South and concentrated with the collapse of Godlearner Influence in the West, maybe Karmangs met EWF remnants of Fronela or not while they went forward to the Loskalm.
++*Though Joerg Baumgartner thinks that Alakoring used the Magic of Odayla the Bear for conquering the People of Saird and Beast Worshippers, I think it was used by his successor, Verenmars the Great.

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