I fought, we won.

I don't know how Greg Stafford thinks about the final stage of Great
Darkness, and "I fought, we won." were generally described as an obscure
scene, that dissolves personality of main characters, such as Only Old One,
Heort, Heart of Weakness, or other Heroes from every cultures. I read King
of Sartar by Greg, Saga of Vingkotling by Jeff Richard, Kingdom of Night by
Shannon Appel, and finally reached my original theory. But perhaps it is not
good to all of Heortling Image.

 Even after Heort came back to Winter Deer clan with Ivarne, he hadn't long
wedded with her, because she wasn't shameless (though she entertained several times his
clan with beautiful songs as she entertained her father) and Heort had to
accomplish many great feats for marrying with her as Orlanth did for
Ernalda. He awoke her with so many oaths that never could be solved easily.
Anyway, there was no time for happy couple at that age, because the World
itself shattered and the fabric of it was unraveled by Predark.

 Though Wakboth and Kajabor fought among themselves in the army of Chaos,
(Wakboth sent Kajabor to Underworld to stop Orlanth) and Urox finally sealed
Wakboth under the chip of Spike, already Spike was destroyed. Vinga took
care of wounded Elmal over the Kero Fin, there were no Divine guardians to
Vingkotlings after Last Royal Betrayal. And Minions of Chaos and Trolls were
always prowling among them and ate the last Good People by chance, World
itself became very unstable and whimsical by the Will of Chaos. Unity Battle
was fought when everyone realized they could not survive by themselves...
but it seemed too late to notice this fact.

 For Winter Deers, the worst report was come from the clan's Hantrafali
augury. Some of them fell down in a faint by shock because they realized
"Orlanth is betrayed by Eurmal and he now lay down in the Deepest Pit of
Hell and nearly dead." A few of stouthearted godar argued about how they had
to do without any hope. "We must surrender to the minion of Chaos for
survival..." "What a foolish word! We must fight until Death will fall down
upon us!" Trolls were hostile to them as Chaos because Hidden Kings "ate"
Trolls as his subjects. Finally, without any decision, the men and women,
children who could still wield some weapon or sharp things, armed and went
to their last battle field. Because Chaos closed to them again.

 Ivarne and Heort ignored that pathetic sight and went to the place where
they could still be couple. Heort told her,
 "Now I am frightened for perhaps I cannot keep my oaths."
Ivarne asked,
 "Then, now do you want to break your oaths?"
 "No, I'll keep my oath or die in the way. I am frightened only for our death
may useless and meaningless. I'm sorry if awaking of you was a mistake."
Ivarne kissed him and she also took her weapon.

 The boy was the Second Son of Vingkot, who became the Great King of
Orlanthi after Orlanth took Divinity and Humanity apart for unknown reason. When he was born,
Three Kolati Shamanesses who knew better than any Godi about Underworld and
deads visited to Summer Wife's tula and gave blessing and gifts to him, as
they felt both Great Peril closing because the Sky Gorp appeared over the sky,
and great Virtue in his heart which might
resolve the Peril. Third Witch named him Hengall and gave a most precious
treasure...a Star to him, she buried it deep in his heart by her magic.

 Someone poisoned Hengall in his drink of the Kodig's Great Feast, Hengall grew up
to a giant by the poison in a night, so he could not found his own tribe as
other Vingkotssons or daughters. He lonely armed himself and left from his
family without any solace, because Chalana Arroy was busy at that time for
healing other people. He went to the northern Edge of the world as his
father Vingkot though he didn't know who poisoned him. And he sought
honorable Death as his father, fighting with Predark.

 But he was bestowed by Kolati Witches magical sight, that led him to the
border of Sky, Earth and Underworld through Shortcut. He found there Great Clack to the
Hollow of Chaos. When he came there, he found he could not escape from
Shortcut again, and his Star in the heart twinkled than ever it had been.
And monsters of Predark always sought light for eating, Hengall could not
escape or die, because the poison running in his body didn't permit him do
so, always healed his body. And Hengall could not escape from Great Threat
to the world of his family, though they abandoned him. He forgot anything
except constantly killing the minions of Chaos wanted to invade the World.

 Heort went to the last combat with his clan Fyrd, but he lost his way,
because Chaos could cut down their world from distance and made a crack, and
he strayed the way from his Clan and even from his most beloved, Ivarne, and
he finally noticed he was alone. Though the trick of Chaos led him to the
same shortcut which Hengall first found without intention. He realized he
stood at the Edge of the World, where the Sky, the Earth, and the Abyss crossed after
Umath divided them. He realized he also became a Giant, and he found
Hengall. And Heort knew his tale.

 Heort and Hengall traded proper greetings though it became already useless
custom, for they were too good orlanthi to ignore proper Greetings, Hengall
realized Heort was a descendant of his brother, Korol, and soon he recovered
the memory of his home. Though he realised all of his known people went to
Underworld, he asked many about Vingkotling after he left, Heort taught him
all he knew, though he of course knew he must come back to his clan soon, he
felt great pity to this tired warrior.

 Eventually, Heort's tale went to the Last Royal Betrayal of King Rastagar,
and Betrayal of Eurmal to Orlanth in the Underworld, Hengall was greatly
shocked by his tale, because it seems his long struggle against the First
Crack to the Chaos falling to useless, abruptly Hengall fell to silent, and
talked Heort about the First Crack of Hell,

 "This Crack was made," Hengall said, "when Havan Vor was killed by Eurmal.
Kinstrife always induce Chaos into Inner World. While Orlanth murdered Yelm,
or Ragnaglar sacrificed Malia for inviting Wakboth to our World, the Crack
opened more. Because the World is overclowded by the dream of Gods."
 "But how Eurmal can be a kin of Havan Vor? Or how Orlanth can be a kin of
Yelm? They aren't any blood relative!"

 "You don't understand where is here. Here is the Terminus Est of all of
Existence where all of living things are relatives in blood. Chalana Arroy
taught me when all of living things are all descendants of Rasdandar and
Urgarndar. She taught me she will teach my grandfather about Yelm now ruled
in Underworld. That is why he went to Lightbringer's Quest. If I permit
myself Chaos to trespassing to this gate, our world will perfectly shatter."

 Heort fell to silent, and asked to his Great-Grand uncle,
 "Anyway, I now want to go back to my clan, though you may think I am merely
a petty selfish nephew, and you met a crisis maybe all of your long work
come to none. What is your advice?"

 "Now I know all of mystery of the Sky and the Earth because the Star which
shining in my heart, I now know how I can reach to the place where my
grandfather is enslaved. I can go there and rescue him from the pit. If
someone substitute my place and watch here while I should leave from here."

 Heort shuddered with dread watching the Void, but he realized what he
should do. He took the Star from the breast of Hengall and put it on his own
breast, and armed with his weapon and armor.

 Hengall showed wicked smile to Heort, and suddenly disappeared from his
sight. Heort sighed but felt minions of Chaos closed to his position.

 Orlanth lay down inside the Pit of Obsidian Palace, full of mud and dust,
without any treasure and torc which indicate his position. Hengall came there
by the route which passed through outside of World, he tricked Heort because
he well knew he could not rescue Orlanth, for Orlanth's body was too big
even for him and the Guard of Pit was locking Orlanth very severely, Hengall
enjoyed the freedom and closed to his grandfather, spitting at Orlanth.
Orlanth opened his eyes.

 "You poisoned me." Hengall angrily spoke to Great God, "You permited the
Kolatdottirs to poison me. And I have fought helplessly while my brothers
and sisters, even cottars and stickpickers enjoyed their lives, you boasted in the joyous
feast in the Karulinoran while you know well I drank only my own blood and
ate only dust."

 "I didn't choose you." Orlanth spoke silently, "They told me they would
choose most virtuous and honorable from my kinfolk, I was happy that I could
not expect who they would pickup from one of my children, I don't think they

 "Why didn't you teach me? I always hated the witches and the unknown man who
wronged me. Even Swords of Death have enjoyed the honor of fighting, even
Crazy Uroxi knew friendship which I never have known fighting side by side!
I have fought lonely!"

 "It is natural you hate me." Orlanth replied, "Do you want a render from
me? But now I can't repay anything for you now. You would soon realize who
poisoned you. And I could not fight by side for you because I had to rule
Storm Tribe. "

 Hengall smiled wickedly,
 "I am now free because Heort of the Winter Deer foolishly substituted my
place, it seems our defeat is so decisive, I now consider about siding with
Chaos. Why should I fight if my kin forget my battle?"

 "No one can make you do anything." Orlanth replied, "I will never blame you
even if you abandon us now. Because I love you so much."

 Hengall was shocked by this statement.

 "There is no freedom without responsibility, if you don't want to
become Eurmali. And Heort didn't forget your name, did he?" Orlanth taught
him what would do for him if Orlanth succeed, and taught him about still
Eurmal was free in the members of Lightbringer's Quest.
"Everyone will know you and join your lonely war, they will all know who they are,
and why they must fight."

"I'll wait here, and I am not dead yet." Orlanth taught him, "What will
you do?"

 Hengall shuddered, and went back to the Edge of the World, where Heort
still helplessly fought against Predark. Orlanth smiled weakly and closed
his eyes.

Heort killed the Elder which lurked in the Shadow, the Chaos tried to destroy him from inside,
but Heort discovered the meaning of the Star heart. After their trick failed,
they tried to defeat him by force.

 Heort nearly died for Chaos wounded him several places, he was not so great
warrior as Hengall when he returned to his position. Heort asked him about
Orlanth and Hengall replied, "He is not dead, and waits something." After
Hengall took back his Star and all of minions of Chaos was destroyed by Hengall, Hengall taught Heort
how he should do after he went back to his clan. He taught him how he could
unite the survived Races of Universe, and he taught him how he could go

 "But I cannot abandon this battlefield!" Heort objected weakly because he realized. Hengall
smiled but forced him to leave. And asked him which he would choose, his own
Clan or all of other Heortlings. As Orlanth sent a message to him.

 "Your clan won't survive if you choose this option, for the sacrifice of
lives of Other Vingkotling clans." Hengall told him. "For your subjects
never treat properly your children, by jealous, they'll deprive your legacy
and leave your throne. Children of you and Ivarne will not succeed your

 "I'll go the same way of you." Heort fell silent for a while but replied,
"You sacrificed yourself for Vingkotling, what a small sacrifice is it
compared to your agony? Perpetual Fight without any honor, no hope, and
without any friend?"

 Hengall smiled again,
"I'll tell your decision to my grandfather when he will be back."

and kicked Heort down to one of holes to reach Surface
World. Hengall shouted to falling Heort,

 "Teach your people not to forget me and this Edge of World again!"

 Heort realized he was in the midst of many of members of his clan, all of
them miraculously sensed what he experienced, and other races, Elves,
Dwarves, Dragonewts, River Folks and even Trolls were there and fought the minions of Chaos
side by side, because Hengall and Heort reknit everyone's dream by their sacrifice.
Elmal over the Kero Fin shone again that was all of minions of
Chaos defeated by the Unity.

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