Japanese Language Class

Atsumare Nihongo Hiroba

あつまれ 日本語ひろば

 Atsumare Nihongo Hiroba is a volunteer organization to support the study of the Japanese language.
Knowledge of Japanese culture, customs and daily life of Japan, along with other vital knowledge is shared through the study of Japanese language.

 A Japanese volunteer will support your studies and cater to individual learners' needs.

 This program specifically caters to individuals who
  * Wish to make progress in their Japanese language abilities
  * Enjoy speaking Japanese
  * Want to understand Japan and Japanese life through the acquisition of Japanese
   language skills
  * Just want to make friends in Japan

 If you are interested in studying Japanese, please contact Atsumare Nihongo Hiroba for further information.

Our Volunteer Teaching Staff

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Class dates
 14 p.m. - 16 p.m. on Tuesdays
 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. on Fridays

  200 yen per month

Child care room
  Please the children is taken and participate though there is no child care room.

  It is possible to begin attending classes at any time. Please come to the classroom.

  See Activity schedule

Contact Information
  Email address

Place in classroom
  3-44-13 Sakuragaoka Higashiyamato-shi Tokyo
  Sakuragaoka Citizens' center(Sakuragaoka shimin center)

  It is a five minute walk from the Seibu Haijima line or
  the Tama City Tamagawa-Josui Monorail Station.

  Please refer to the following map:



Update:March, 2009




Activity schedule
Activity log