Arturo Toscanini Concert Recordings

The Art of Toscanini Toscanini had conducted his symphony orchestra, New York Philharmonic, for 29 years from 1925 to 1954. These records are the scrupulous statistics of his works the while.( They include the work that he played in NBC Symphony Orchestra and also the ones that he gave the performances with his oversea tours in 1930 and 1940. ) By the way, I omitted the works that he conducted less than 5 times.
@| the statistics of Dr.Robert Charles Marsh |

Composer Works The Number of Times
Beethoven,Ludwig van
(1770 - 1827 )
Symphony No.129
Synphony No.217
Synphony No.3(Eroica)52
Synphony No.423
Synphony No.521
Synphony No.6(Pastorale)38
Synphony No.735
Synphony No.818
Synphony No.9(Chorale)52
(1833 - 1897 )
Symphony No.128
Symphony No.234
Symphony No.325
Symphony No.425
(1824 - 1896 )
Symphony No.78
(1841 - 1904 )
Symphony No.9(Fom the New World)6
(1822 - 1890 )
Symphony in D minor15
Goldmark(????-????) Married Symphony of the Village(partially>5
Goossens(????-????) Little Symphony5
Haydn,Franz Josef
Symphony No.8812
Symphony No.9913
Symphony No.101(The Clock)27
Felix Mendelssohn
Symphony No.410
Symphony No.513
Mozart,Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) Symphony No.296
Symphony No.3519
Symphony No.389
Symphony No.4017
Symphony No.4111
Prokofiev,Sergei(1891-1953) Symphony No.1(Classical)9
Schubert,Franz(1797-1828) Symphony No.7(Unfinished)17
Symphony No.8(The Great)23
Schumann,Robert(1810-1856) Symphony No.29
Symphony No.310
Shostakovich,Demitori(1906-) Symphony No.17
Sibelius,Jean(1865-1957) Symphony No.26
Tchaikovsky,Peter(1840-1893) Manfred Symphony9
Symphony No.616