Music lesson

Recorder, Flauto traverso(Baroque style wooden flute)

Instructor: Tomohiro MARUYAMA*

*Tomohiro Maruyama
studied recorder and flauto traverso with J Vijngarden and W Hazelzet at Amsterdam Academy of Ancient Music in 1990-1991. In Japan, he studied flauto traverso with Masahiro ARITA who is one of a most talented flauto traverso player in the world. Currently, Maruyama supports Arita as an assistant instructor to give supplement lessons for his students. In 1986 Maruyama was selected as a finalist at Yamanashi ancient music competition. Maruyama formed several music groups such as "Ensemble Seciria" with his students, "The super recorder ensemble" with his friends, "Ensemble Marou" with professional musicians. He performs at live concerts about ten times every year around Niigata city.

For the person who wants learn recorder and/or baroque style wooden flute (flauto traverso: common flute in baroque era; famous baroque composer such as Bach, Hendel, Telemann and Vivaldi etc. composed flute music for flauto traverso)

Private lessons:
3000 yen per 1 hour. Applicant should be able to read music a bit.

English or Japanese. Maruyama's English may not be so good. If you displeased with my English, we have a possibility to have
Music-English exchange lesson.

MARUYAMA's house. Kobari, Niigata City.

Time and Date:
In Saturday noon. One to four times per month, as you like. I recommend twice or three times lessons per month.

How to apply:
Please telephone or E-mail.

To apply and for further information, do not hesitate to contact with me by telephone or E-mail.

Telephone: 025-231-7069



Tomohiro Maruyama