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[ F-House in Mukonoso ] 2002~2004

Location: Hyogo, Japan
Architects: Masaaki Nakatsuji & Masae Nakatsuji
Structural Engineer: Jun Sato Structural Engineers
General contractor: Ochi Corporation
Building Use: House
Stories: Above ground 3 stories
Structural system: steel frame and deck
Photo: Toshiharu Kitajima
This house was designed for a small family owning the Porsche.
When we were offered this job, we immediately got an idea to cover
the Porsche with a veil. The inhabitants occupy the rest of space in
the veil, and treat the Porsche as if it was a part of space. After the
long consideration term, we developed the form of veil to take sharp
lines to emphasize the artistic curve of Porsche.
With the idea we got from Porsche, the building composition was
defined; the plate floors floating around the Porsche, and treads
raised from the floors, and lid covering them. Two light-court are
arranged on the north and south side of building to link these spaces.
To realize this image, the construction method was determined;
steel frame architecture- 200x100x12 columns on the building
surrounding + H-beam 100x200 to support the 2nd floor + H-beam
100x148 to support the 3rd floor. The floors and steps were
finished with the porcelain tiles, vinyl tiles and rubber tiles that
have black color to make the contrast from the inner walls that
were composed from gray unfinished cemented-boards. The zigzag
steel solid bars 25x25 square-millimeter were used to support
The details are also determined based on the quality of Porsche.
For instance, the finish on the facade- galvanized-steel-plates with
folded edges. The joints between these places are covered with
aluminum channel that also could be the gutter for the rainwater
from the roof.

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