Ms krzysztof

name: Ms krzysztof
country: Australia
goal: knee length

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message for this photo

First message from Ms Krzysztof

The reason why I like long hair is that I've always admired it but I never had the patience to keep it growing and always used to cut it in a short style then be very regretful! I was a bit sick of having short hair for such a long time and it really didn't suit me that well. It was cut last year very short and layered with a fringe, I still cut my fringe but I want to keep the rest long. The goal length I would like to reach knee length.

2003/10/29 Krzysztof

Ms Krzysztof, a new comer of long hair project

contributor/ Wind -(2003/10/30(Thu) 01:45:19)

We have been managing a page for long hair project in Japanese. Now, Ms Krzysztof takes part in it. So I have made a page for long hair project in English.

She is a new comer. Although she has now not so long hair, her goal of hair length is knee length!!! Fantastic!

As she writes on her long hair project's page, she always cuts her hair before it becomes long.

I would like to encourage her long hair project. I am looking forward to seeing that she becomes super longhaired girl.


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[2003/10/30 01:23:36]

message for photo report on July

long time since I have written.

I feel really bad because my hair hasn't seemed to grow that long, I trimmed it to get rid of the split ends the other night.

here is how my hair is doing its winter over here now so its very cold I think that has affected my hair a little it doesnt grow very fast in cold weather!

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