Copyright of pictures on web sites

Those who took pictures have copyright on them. Therefore those who reproduce pictures without permission of copyright holder violate copyright law.

Q. My web site is not commercial. Can I publish your pictures on my web site?

A. Whether it is commercial or not is indepenent of violation of copyright. Even if your site is not commercial, you violate copyright law if you publish our pictures on your web site without permission of copyright holder.

Q. I think that text and pictures on web site, which everyone can freely see, are free to reproduce them.

A. You are incorrect. What everyone can freely see them does not mean free reproduction. Copyright holders permit everyone to see them freely, but do not permit them to reproduce them.

Q. I am fascinated in your beautiful model. I express my impression with publishing her picture on my website.

A. You can express your feeling and impression freely on your web site, but you should not publish the picture on your web site. Copyright holder and right of portrait holder (i.e. model) permit me to publish the picture only on Long Hair Magazine, not on the other sites. If you really loves her, you should not reproduce her pictures on your web site. She surely gets sad and angry at your reproduction without permission.

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