Call for long-haired models

I call for long-haired Asian female models. I'm not a professional photographer, and my skill of taking picture is not so high. However I'd like to show the beauty of long-haired Asian ladies via pictures. I am very happy if you wear black straight long hair. I welcome you as our model.

I live in Singapore now (until March 2004). I am looking forward to receiving e-mails from Asian female wearing black straight long hair who live in neighbour countries of Singapore.

I do not mind even if you have not been a model of picture, because it is ordinary for almost all women.

I will publish your pictures of your back figure if you hesitate to show your face on our web site.

You are good even if you don't wear super long hair. My standard of hair length to publish portrait pictures on our web site is about waist length or longer. Under bra-length is acceptable if you don't have bang.

I can take your pictures for your own web site if you have it.

No body except us (you and I) will not watch your pictures if you are not going to show your picture on any web sites.

I never show your pictures to other people without your permission. I never contribute your pictures to magazines or other web sites. I never tell your personal information to others. I pay all cost related to taking your picture. Nevertheless I don't pay fee for model. I call for voluntary models. Almost all models published in this web site are voluntary. Now, I may pay fee for model if you wear beautiful super long hair longer than your hip.

I'm looking forward to getting contacts from long-haired Asian women with straight and black hair. You are also welcome if you returned your hair from reddish to black. Dyed reddish hair is not acceptable because hair dye makes your hair damage heavily (see our hair care page) . One of the policy of our site is to cherish natural and beautiful hair.

I believe that beautiful long-haired women is beautiful because of their beautiful hair!

Don't hesitate to contact me. My short profile and e-mail address is here.

Call for contribution of your picture

Could you contrubute your pictures if you are Asian female wearing black straight hair, or if you took pictures of your beautiful female friend wearing it?

Could send me your pictures in e-mail attaching files of them?

I will publish your pictures contributed on our web site, where conditions to publish them are as follows;

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