Hair fashion in Japan

We are featured in black long haired Japanese women. However, most of Japanese women dye their hair. An examination (by LION, 2003) says that about 70% of Japanese women dyes their hair, and 85% of 20s women dye their hair.

Most of Japanese female does not think that natural black hair is beautiful. I guess that this is caused by powerful propaganda by hair colour industry via mass media, and this is also caused by an influence of longing to light coloured hair of European women.

We do not agree with hair colour in our site because it damages hair seriously and affects health.

We can seldom find natural haired young women in Japan. Colour of most young women is reddish or yellow. It is proper that women are free to dye their hair into any colour. However, I am very sad that many hairdressers and coloured haired women speak evil of natural haired women not to dye their beautiful black hair. There are a lot of articles contributed by our female members of our site that complain such unreasonable criticism they suffered.


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