Notes in expression on this web page

What is 'san'?
'san' is a Japanese word which corresponds to Miss, Mrs., Ms. and Mr. in English.

expression of date
We express date in Japanese style on articles written by Japanese, so that 2003/09/10 means 10th of September in 2003.

Expression of order of family name and given one of Japanese

I express order of family name and given one of Japanese as family name following with given one, for example, YAMADA Haruo, where YAMADA is a family name and Haruo is a given one. This order is formal and ordinary in Japan. No Japanese call their names in order of given name following with family one.

It is said that reverse order of Japanese name in foreign (especially in European language) starts in about 1900. Recently Japanese government starts to correct this problem.


About translation

Most articles are translated by Wind except articles in which a name of translater is expressed.

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