model & text: Ms Emi


This Hairstyle was invented December 2006.

My hair is medium thick ( 9cm ponytail ) with medium thick strands (0.06-0.07mm). In Dec.f06 it was about tailbone length with lots of layers and I had a good amount of taper down my length.

Meaning for different hair type the updo may work different and need adjustment.

My lengths carry old hairdye Im growing out by the way.

How To

Gather your hair in a ponytail (you can choose how high you make it but higher ponys are better for longer hair) and twist it up. Depending on how long your hair is you can twist a lot for very long hair or just twist a little for medium lengths.

Secure it with a claw clip. Tight fitting claw clips hold best.

Then bring your ponytail down and spread the hair over the clip. Part the tail into 2 sections and cross those streaks at the bottom of the whole thing and bring them up where you cross them above the updo. Secure with a small claw clip (see pics below, I know it looks tiny but if you did it right only your ends will have to be held by it since the rest is wrapped around the whole bun and rests its weight on there.

Tieing the ribbon:

Place the ribbon (here - wool) on you head like a headband. Cross it below the hairdo and the bringt it back up and tie it above the bun. There can be variations..if the ribbon is longer I wrap it around 2 or 3 times. Also looks good with hair circlets and headscarfs.

That style should work for all textures. Its good to have some taper.

Very thick hair might be too heavy for that style.



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