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Kojiki The second volume

▲TarashinakatsuhikonoMikoto − TarashinakatsuhikonoSumeramikoto(Chuuai Tenno)

TarashinakatsuhikonoSumeramikoto stayed on its duty of ToyoranoMiya in Anato and on its duty of KashihinoMiya in Tsukushi. And ruled the world.
This Emperor married daughter's OhonakatsuhimenoMikoto of OhoenoMiko. The name of born Young is KakosakanoMiko OshikumanoMiko (2 pillars).
He married OkinagatarashihimenoMikoto. The name of Young this Empress produced is HonyawakenoMikoto. Next it's OhtomowakenoMikoto. An another name is HomudawakenoMikoto (2 pillars). The reason that the name of this HitsuginoMiko was made OhtomowakenoMikoto is as follows. First such name was put because large biceps like an archer's left-wrist protector matched his arm when he was born. He finds out that possession was ruling a country from the time when he's in the stomach by this thing.
In the generation of this Emperor, Ahadinomiyake was established.

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