Ken came in our house in January, 1973.
He is small, be pretty, sewed and looked like the conspirator.
I was as it is not believed to be living, because he is too pretty.
None the less he is wise, have escaped from the small opening of the gate.
I was afraid of it very much, until he is discovered
Because he is as escape from it was very clever.
I introduce his anecdote.

I was having the hand ride Chinese hawk-cuckoo with Ken.
When I was cleaning a bird cage at room, a Chinese hawk-cuckoo has escaped.
The small bird is not caught, flown vigorously.

I said "Ken. catch bird".
He was seeing the Chinese hawk-cuckoo that is flying for a while.
When a bird landed at the floor, he run and catched the bird.
He put a bird to my hand.
I thought that a bird attached a damage. However, there was not a damage although the bird was surprised.
He did several times of similar activities.