If it says with a word, Jun is "a spoilt child".
This child rode on the older sister's knee by himself, and it is said that slept though it prepared for another child on a breeder when it went to have Jun. It seems that because that was too cute, it decided to come with the house. When it thinks about this child's character, it seems that behavior at this time is a miracle. For, after it was taken, it was probably from the shock for the time being, or it crept under the chair, and rice was the condition that it didn't eat for many days, too.
Until a specially-made supper was eaten, Jun didn't get accustomed to us.
If it gets accustomed, the element of a spoilt child is shown, and it is flirt now. The life that it takes a family for granted for granted and plays and plays a trick begins.

The basis of the mischief is destruction.
Bitten and bitten, begins when it has magazine rack and interest that it is scratched in the paper bag. The thing of biting it in which often occurred in Bitten and bitten though it was not only Jun.
It liked that and hole dig. The time of the child dug a hole like every day in the garden, and it was glad though it didn't do after it truly grew up.