Reference to some works of Bernard Evslin:

Quezalcoatl & Tezcatripoca

Before time, Creatrix Ometeuctli was. He made Four Lakes which connected on the middle channel, Good, Evil, Just and Unjust. Four Sons and Daughters was born from the mix of the waters.

The Origin of the Contest derived from Dispute among the Great Gods of Teotihuacan...especially between Tezcatrypoca "Black Smoked Mirror" and Quezalcoatl "Winged Serpent", after they have finished to rule Four Cycles of the World as the Chiefs of Suns, Quezalcoatl mourned many lives who suffered many misfortunes and deathes as usual. Because he was always prevented by Other Great Gods (especially by Tezcatrypoca) to help Good but Unhappy People.

Quetzalcoatl was born from Good and Just. And Tezcatripoca was born from Evil and Unjust. Tlaloc was born from Good and Unjust. And Chalchiuhtlicue was born from Evil and Just. Creatrix showed these two twins, "You can see the Beauty of the Lake, but think and try to be natural. About Good and Evil. Does Beauty connect to Good, or Evil? Or Beauty and Evil aren't utterly connected to Beauty?"

Tezcatripoca thought he knew more about Beauty than his twin-brother, and he want to unequality when Gods try to make human, when Quezacoatl claimed about it, Tezcatripoca said this condition was more interesting than his planning, when Quezalcoatl saw Teca didn't prevent him from these animals and they were still blessed yet, Quezalcoatl reluctantly agreed because he thought he didn't know enough about it. He went to near the Great Lake. He spent much days in the east shore of Great Lake Texcoco in the contemplation as usual when he could not find answer.

First, Tezcatripoca became the Judge of First Sun Age as a Sun of Earth, that was not at all good. Because he tried to be pathetic and he urged human to kill each other as much as possible, and Quezalcoatl intervened it invluntarily though he didn't want to do so, Tezcatripoca and Quezalcoatl fought fiercely and destroyed this Evil world. Tezcatripoca blamed interference of his colleagues but other gods silently addressed Quezalcoatl had right to do so. Tezcatripoca started to hate Quezalcoatl in that day.

Second, in the Age of Wind, Quezalcoatl tried to make his ideal to real, but he didn't understand enough his kingdom which includes other gods. He didn't blamed Tezcatripoca because he knew that was his nature. People of Teotihuacan were all pacifists so they could not hold enough power against outer enemies. Quezalcoatl taught his people how to make fire and useful tools, but each of them were abused by some of vileness.

Gods could not understand his opinion because they were naturally different from human, and they sided with the opinion of Tezcatrypoca, "If there is no unfair matter, Evil and energy which would be consumed by Lives of Human, there is no reason for human to pray Gods, fight for making beauty against ugliness, preserve there own life for short period of their lives." Always this opinion bothered him for he could not explain what he felt, and he spent much days in the east shore of Great Lake Texcoco in the contemplation as when he could not find answer. And he decided he should become Human for Proving the Justice of his Opinion.

Third, both Tezcatripoca and Quezalcoatl abandoned their idea to form his realm with themselves without interventions of other gods. Tlaloc started Heroic Sun Age of Fire, many temporal victories of Good and long agonies of Evil.

When Good Prince defeated Evil King, many poets made good songs, Quezalcoatl carelessly? proud himself before Tezca about the Beauty of this song, and it started from Rage to Injustice. "But" Tezca replies, "If there aren't the Evil King, do you imagine such beauty was created? " His opinion bothered Quezal for he could not explain what he felt, and he spent much days in the east shore of Great Lake Texcoco in the contemplation as when he could not find answer.

One Day, Quezalcoatl understood he could not defeat Tezcatripoca in the contest with merely Reincarnate, and he removed his memory at all stage of his mundane life, Tezca was utterly surprised but laughed at his idea. So his winged-soul incarnated to each Kings who held same names of the God, but without any former lives.

Fourth, that was Age of Water Sun, Quezalcoatl was the merciful King of the City of Tula, and the Avatar of Same Named God, Winged Serpent. Chalchiuhtlicue ruled her world with her feminine ambiguity and fluidness, so the world also became such status. Heroes appeared obscurely, and usually disappeared in the mist.

In some stage of this long Contest, Quezalcoatl reached so merciful that he could live with human ordinary lives and petty things...though as the Wisest King among Human Kings, he also suffered and agonized same matters of ordinaries as the proof of contest. He prohibited Sacrifice of Human...even for Villains, instead of that, he legitmated the custom of Sacrifice of Butterfly and Flowers for the Fifth Sun.

But Tezcatripoca angered to him because he thought Quezalcoatl tried to weaken human for making Dramas which offer the fuel to burning flames of Gods. He declared Quezalcoatl Rebel God and in that time, other gods agreed his opinion because Tezca gained much power over them by bloody sacrfices while Quezalcoatl consumed his Divine Power, gods feared Tezcatripoca and agreed to suppress kings of Quezal's bloodline. Gods cursed the sacred City of Tula and Tezcatripoca deceived Quezalcoatl to drink Puruke and bed with his own sister. But this time for this sin, Quezalcoatl shamefully burned himself over the pile of woods for cleaning up himself. His subject knew his reincarnation, but still mourned his another fault.

@After the Cremation of Quezalcoatl, his Heart ascended to Heaven as (Venus) Quezalcoatl thought his pupils, that is proof how Beauty joined to Good. But Evil and Corrupted Priests of Tezcatripoca in Totmec laughed at this idea but Tezcatripoca himself angered this power which he didn't hold, and killed all of his priests who laughed the Venus.

Fifth Age, at last all of Great God bored with the idea who become own world's Sun and they tried to choose a Scapegoat from petty gods, they went to Teotihuacan Sun and Moon pyramid and empowered Great Fire, two god was selected and burned to Sun and Moon...Great Gods obtained the order of Outer Tribes outside the Middle Mexico. Tezcatripoca again and again killed the King of Tula, but his most
beloved lake Texcoco remained and he spent much days in the east shore of Great Lake Texcoco in the contemplation as when he could not find answer.

Huitzilopochtli was born from the Despair of Quezalcoatl and Anger of Tezcatripoca, came from Legendary Aztlan. He was born from Mother of Many and killed most of his brothers and sisters, and made them into Stars in the sky. Aztecs were restless to kill enemies and revered greatly their own violent Huizilopochtli and grim Tezcatripoca,

Huitzilopochtli led his people from the Land of North Wonder, Aztlan. And they destroyed the monuments of their former Kings of Tula because they knew Pacifism is useless for their way. Huitzilopochitli was worst because it derived from despair of Quezalcoatl rather than Tezcatrypoca. Flower War were exhibited to open war and many people died for keeping the Fifth Sun alive.

Tezcatripoca showed King Quezalcoatl his obsidian mirror reflecting his old age. Quezalcoatl saw the ugliness of his face after the long time and hid in the grotto, while Evil Spirits made great evil over his kingdom. Their Worst Deed was destruction of Great Cocoa Trees which Winged Serpent most loved.

Quezalcoatl spent much days in the east shore of Great Lake Texcoco in the contemplation as when he could not find answer. Quezalcoatl finally said to Other Gods, "Eventually, I reached the Conclusion, we must watch our Fate if we lose All of men who know our true names. Tezcatripoca, you never doubt your greatness. Iknow you. But I cannot understand myself." And Mystery taught gods grim prophesy about White Face God coming from East. Gods were all frightened except Huizilopochtli, other gods tried to prevent Quezalcoatl to go east, but each trials were refused by Winged Serpent, finally, just before Quezalcoatl embarked to his boat to eastern sea. Tezcatripoca appeared in the shape of Turkey and danced the Fighting Dance, on the contrary, Quezalcoatl answered by Dance of Dream with his shape of Serpent.

Spaniards came from East with one of Quezalcoatl's symbol, Cross. They taught Mexicans it was their Symbol of Crucified God. Kingline of Aztecs perished by their brutal violence. Cortes saw the smallpox entering Barbarians Domain to their body and he dried up Lake Texcoco....He felt Bad Feeling from the location of City Tula. "That is merely a phantom." He shrugged and departed to his office for drying up the lake Texcoco.

Fifth Sun Age will be destroyed by Earthquake in the prophecy, several times, Mexico City over the dried weakened Earth, Lake Texcoco, struck by Great Earthquake.

End of Tale

The Formation and Structure of the Aztec Universe
The Aztec world view stems from the idea of four previous suns before the present-day fifth sun. The five suns account for the long Aztec history of the universe. The Aztecs believe in a supreme creator of all, Ometeuctli, often referred to as the lord of duality because he is both male and female. Ometeuctli's cosmic coupling gives birth to four creator-gods, who later create the five suns. Each creator-god struggles for supremacy over the others using his own unique cosmic force--earth, fire, wind, or water. when these cosmic forces are in equilibrium, there exists an age or sun. When the cosmic balance is disrupted, destruction of the sun, earth and man results.

The first sun is created by Tezcatlipoca, the God of Earth. He mistakenly creates men as giants and furthermore creates only half a sun. The human giants are forced to survive only on acorns and pine nuts, and as a result grow feeble and slow. Jaguars devour the half-sun, and in the darkness, the are able to kill the giants. The second sun is created by Quetzalcoatl, the God of Wind. In the is sun, man survives on mesquite tree seed, but still the seeds are not enough nourishment to survive the harsh winds. Hurricanes eventually blow the humans away. However, some people are able to survive by transforming into monkeys.

Tlaloc, the God of Fire, is the creator of the third sun. During this age, men harvest grain for survival. Huge volcanoes erupt and cinders rain from the sky to consume the world. However, a few men are able to change in to birds to escape the scalding heat. Chalchiuhtlicue, the Goddess of Water, creates the fourth sun. Men attempt to survive on a seed called acicintli, but it is not enough food for the humans who must fight the great floods. Water springs from the center of the earth causing the sky to collapse. Most men drown, but some are turned into fish.

After the failure of the four previous suns, Nanahuatl, another god created by Ometeuctli, sacrifices himself by throwing himself into the Divine Fire, a mythological firepit. Slowly the other gods see a new sun rising in the east. The sun's flares are so intense that no one can look at it. In order to avoid the destruction of the fifth sun, the Aztecs believe that they must sacrifice captives of war. By giving blood to the sun, it will continue to rise each morning. The Aztecs believe blood is the most important element that keeps men alive, and it will do likewise for the fifth sun. On the other hand, if blood is not given to sustain the fifth sun, the world will be destroyed by earthquakes. The fifth sun will be the final end when the earthquakes shake the stars down from the sky. There will be no sixth sun. The structure of the universe remains constant despite the destruction of suns. During all five suns, man lives on earth, a huge disc situated in the center of the universe. Surrounding earth is a large ring of water, which connects the earth with the heavens. Above the earth are thirteen heavens that serve as homes to gods. The first four levels, known as Teteocan, are occupied by the storms, sun, sky, stars, moon, etc. The next levels of the heavens are called Ilhuicatl. The Red God of Fire, the Place of the Yellow Sun God and the Place of the White Evening Star God live in the Ilhuicatl. At the very top level is Omecteuctli, the supreme creator of all.

Below the earth are nine underworlds. These underworlds are called Mictlan, place of the dead. In the lowest level lives Mictlanteuctli, the God of Death. The underworlds are the most common place for the dead. The struggle through the underworlds is extremely tedious. Much suffering occurs until one finally reaches the ninth underworld, where one rests eternally with Mictlanteuctli. However, if one dies for a good cause, one may go to the heavens. For example, if a woman dies in childbirth or a warrior is killed in battle, they may go to Tlalocan, the first level of the heavens.

The basic structure of the Aztec universe consists of three levels--the heavens, earth, and underworlds. One's life on earth depends whether one will live in the heavens or underworlds. The Aztec idea of the formation of the universe begins with the first sun. After the destruction of the first sun, four more have been created. Aztecs believe that today they live in the fifth sun, and it ultimately will be destroyed by earthquakes.

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When Spanish adventurers explored Central and South America they discovered two fascinating civilisations - the Incas in Puru and the fierce Aztec warriors in Mexico, unfortunately most of the Aztec civilisation was destroyed by the Spaniards in the early 1500's.
Indians from North America wandered down to Mexico and arrived on the shores of Lake Texcoco around A.D. 1300 and created a vast empire inhabited by fifteen million people. Their capital city, Tenochtitlan which means 'Place of the Cactus', was built upon islands in the middle of the lake and was dominated by huge temples. The Aztecs believed in many gods and regularly sacrificed captured prisoners to them.