Eunuchs in Glorantha

Terra Incognita:

>1: Castration for keeping boy soprano (Real World, Roman Catholic, In my opinion, Gloranthan Rokari chorus?)

(All answers except one from Peter Metcalph):

Why not? They would be prohibited from holding clerical office so we can drag in the protestant myth about the special chair used to check the dangly bits of papal candidates.

>2: adminstration for halim (RW, china and persia, and Gloranthan Carmania, Kralorela? I think Gloranthan dragon n emperor has some prohibition to sexual relationship like Dragonewt immaturity, but we know only after the status of NDR oppression.

Godunya does have eunuch attendants but he doesn't have a harem or at least has no interest in one. Shavaya, Mikaday and Thalurzni all have had wives and/or children.

Eunuchs are also found in Esrolia where they serve the ruling queens.

>3: Religious aim for prohibiting sexual relation (RW, priests of Cybele, jaggermen in Maya. I think some Dayzaytarian in Glorantha also categorized here.

I don't think the Dayzatari cut their bollocks off. There are eunuchs within the Lunar Empire but its a general practice and related to the slavery traditions of Pent (where male slaves are gelded).

>4: Crime Punishment (Like Historian Suma Qian in Real World china)

Practiced in the Lunar Empire and the organs are fed, I suppose, to Gorgorma or perhaps Yara Aranis. Babeester Gor Axe Maidens also perform it on those who have defiled the earth (and if they only take the balls, you got off lightly).

When they hanged, drawn and quartered people in england, castration was one of the many "quarterings" they performed. If I Remember Correctly they then stuffed the organ into the mouth to stop them shouting "Freedom"...

>5: For imperial security, isolated caste foundation from outside society (Admiral Zheng He in Ming Dynasty)

<<No Answer from Peter, but I think Dragonsons of Kralorela are born inmaturely and non-sex as dragonewts, and they serve his father and successors as if the Court is their family, and castrated normal human maybe called by such title.(2003 / September / 09, Terra)>>

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