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Why I choose Nizami?

He was very famous North Persian (Today, his homeland is that of Azerbaijani) Poet and Storyteller, and he chose many Ancient and Feudal Persian Sources as his subject. I think you can relatively easily can enter Fascinating Persian Tales by his writings. Love Story of Majnun is too famous and even those doesn't know Nizami knows this "Crazy Lover". Khosrue 2nd Parviz and Shireen is the Symbol of Last Glory, Decadence and Power of Sassanian Empire. (His Connection and Struggle against Byzantine Empire is also very fascinating Historical Source.) Tale of Bahram the Black Prince is another Famous Iranian Hero Story. Sikandar (Iskandal) 's story is the Story of Legendary Alexander the Great of Macedonia from Islamic Point of View.


Azerbaijan Culture: Nizami

Laila and Majnun

Khosrue and Shireen

Tale of Black Prince

Picture for Nizami

Sikandar Nama

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